feeding melody

chapter 1

I had known Melody in high school when she was MUCH thinner. She had been an all star athlete, fit and thin, and an object of attention for all the boys. Looking at her now, you could barely recognize her. Her flawless thigh gap was gone, replaced by a pair of chubby thighs that rubbed together as she walked. Her stomach bounced playfully when she moved back to the buffet to grab another plate. There was no way she was a size 0 anymore. Now that she had gone from fit to fat, the plump curves of her body demanded my attention.

Her boobs had gone up at least two cup sizes and were struggling to stay inside her bra. You could tell she had to squeeze into her dress by the way it clung to her plump body like skin. I wonder when was the last time she was even thin enough to wear it? Her face was rounded with flushed cheeks and deep dimples when she smiled. Her stomach was round, taut and tightly outlined by the dress. She was perfect.

Melody just got out of a long term relationship with her high school sweetheart, Brian. Needless to say, they broke it off but during that five year period of emotional security she had ballooned up at least 40 pounds.

She had been too busy thinking about potential wedding bells and children to notice a soft paunch expanding under her navel and her boobs swelling out of her bras. She didn't need to try as hard for Brian and as a result her hips flared wider and thighs thickened. "It's only natural in a steady relationship" she would justify to herself as she struggled to button pants that used to be roomy. Her friends started to notice, but they wouldn't dare point it out to her, reluctant to spoil her happiness. She was safe, happy and piling on the pounds.

After the break-up, her world was shattered. She spiraled into a pit of depression, anxiety and food. As a child she had always been the chubby kid and was reinforced by her parents that every scrape and bruise deserved an edible treat. It was no doubt she had stopped taking care of herself and was wallowing in self pity and regret. That's when her childhood instinct kicked in. Big time. She deserved a treat, or two... or three.

She spent nights lost in a binge, tearing through entire cartons of snack cakes and cookies. Eating so many sugary morsels that she'd lose count. She'd wake up with a burp surrounded by empty cartons and crumbs, frosting coating her lips, and a stomach that was so full she could barely roll over. Night after night this continued and Melody refused to notice 30 more pounds tacked onto to her pudgy silhouette.

It was the perfect cocktail of events that inspired her rapid gain. Just the idea of it all gave me a massive hard-on that crawled down the left side of my pants leg and throbbed. I wouldn't try to hide to from her either.

After getting hooked up by a pair of mutual friends, I had become the next chapter in Melody's life. And now that she was falling for me, she was only going to get FATTER.
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Verrrrrry hot! Thank you.
suzyq2u 3 months
Wish it was me, jealous
Chapter 5 -- Yum yum!
Bruinsean 3 months
It is a good start to your story.
Pu7 5 months
Awesome style of writing. Keep it up!
RMD 5 months
3 chapters in still in the same date very slow paced but not over the top instant weight gain. I'm enjoying this keep up the good work
QuebecFA 5 months
I really love the story so far! I'm looking forward to Chapter 3! :-)
Morkesh 5 months
I like the start of this one let's see where this goes.
Can't wait for more!