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chapter 1

This was the first time he had ever been sense dating.

He couldn't see but the women at the event could see him, his face at least, at the circular opening of a box he was in laid on the floor.

Loads of these boxes were laid out around the place, pictures on top, blindfolded faces within.

However there were many more women.

The premise was simple...a woman would offer a part of her body to a man she liked the look of the taste or smell etc. and if he 'liked' it they would be listed as a match at the end.

This had been very successful. It gave women the power to choose, completely at liberty, and men to fill their senses and find someone without being swayed by looks.

However it was expensive...very expensive. Because obviously this type of environment all parties want higher calibour people.

So here he was. In the only section they wanted more male boxes, the ladies room.

No words were needed to say what the boxes in this room were for.

He felt the waitress who locked him into his box immediately sit down above him. He could smell the must of her crotch and the heat of her body radiate towards him.

"Now I know this is your first time but remember nothing that's gonna happen tonight will kill you." He heard her say above him, slightly muffled.

"It is better however if you do try to follow what they want as the more likes you get you could get back here for free."

She paused.."Now open your mouth and try to swallow everything I give you, this is a practice run...I've drunk a fair bit of alcohol so it shouldn't be too bad - might even get you a bit drunk"

Nervously he stretched out his mouth and before he knew it hot pee started to run into his mouth, bitter and hot from the liqour. What surprised him was how much came. He swallowed as best he could, some ran down and stung his cheeks.

He did feel like her piss could get him drunk..

He felt her get up. "Wow not bad for your first time.." Shed dabbed his cheeks with toilet paper. "So..worth a like?" She said expectantly.

Nervously he made the little click sound and he heard her jump up with enthusiasm. "You'll be great and don't worry we have rules here. No menstruation and no unconsensual number twos! Although if you want one I can be back later, give you some real practice!"

He felt her hop away and heard the bathroom door shut.

He wasn't allowed to speak, or make too much of a sound. It was weird being in this room with other people in boxes like him, he soon forgot about it.

The smell of her was still very strong, it seemed to get stronger the longer he was trapped here. He could taste her piss in his mouth still and the sting of it.

When the place truly did open he was amazed at how heavy and dramatic the footsteps around him were. Women were chatting in the bathroom, opening and shutting stall doors and all the sounds were jarring and so very loud.

The whole box thumped as a woman sat down on it, he could feel their every move...the cloth sliding against the wood and skin as they got comfortable.

A second slam came as another woman sat down on the box and then a third, right over his open spot. They must've been friends and were chatting.

The woman's rear end was above him, side on as she was sitting with her friends. From the smell he could tell her underwear was still on. He could feel her every move, every creak and every waft of 'must' as she adjusted herself.

He could really smell her ass, it was mesmerising. He was overpowered by it. Without thinking he made a click for a like.

The three women above him stopped talked and the two not sat above him stood up. He heard the one above him say "god I thought he'd never do it, I'm bursting."

Without warning he felt her slide round to sit properly, quickly pull down her underwear and before he knew it a viscous stream of piss was being directed into his mouth. It was all he could do to keep up.

"God that feels good"

"I don't know why you waited"

"I'm not gonna piss on someone who doesn't want it...I know that's not the point but It's not me"

This was a torrent that went on forever, more bitter than the last girl but less pungeont...with probably no alcoholic content.

"Wow, I think he swallowed most of it"

"Better him than me"

"Aww I think it's love"

"You're just jealous, he definitely deserves this." He felt her hand push some money through one of the cracks in his box.

It was a while again before anything happened. There were lots of people in the bathroom but it was still early and it sounded like they were all sticking to the normal lavatories. He was a bit glad because he was surprised at how much use they were getting and wasn't sure he could handle that.

He heard someone stop above him, and soon suddenly there were some toes forcing themselves into his mouth. The nails dug into him until the shock passed and he consented and began to suck. There was a muffled moan above him. These feet truly stank. He could taste the tang of sweat and true odor of uncleanliness, which was odd because he could tell by their softness and shape that this was probably a young attractive person.

After a while the second foot replaced the first and he got hit by it all again. She rubbed her feet fully into him, forcing in every bit of her feet.

When he thought she was done she instead sat with a bump midway down the box and let her feet rest on his face while he presumed she looked at her phone or did her makeup.

Her feet hummed and she rubbed them into him. He thought the smell would be better by now but it just got worse.

After a long time he suddenly realised there was no way he could avoiding having to like each woman who decided to pick him. And so he eventually consented to make the click of a like for the girl with the smelly feet.

As soon as he did she was slipping her toes inside his mouth and moaning again. It was very welcome when she stopped and put a cool glass of water to his mouth for him to drink greedily.

After that she was gone, and he was left along feeling vulnerable with the thuds and clattering sounds of activity all around him. People stepped over the box, on it, knocked into it and he felt extremely dizzy.

I guess he had to expect it but it sounded like the men in this room were mostly ignored. Including himself. Although he'd been chosen by those couple of women it felt like hundreds..or even thousands maybe had passed through here so far.

"How you getting on?" He heard a familiar voice, the waitress - in a half whisper. "Don't worry if you haven't had anyone yet as it's still early and people need more 'courage' for you guys in'll see, things will pick up later trust me. If not, I'll be around....I've had to show a couple of guys in here tonight what to do since I last showed you but I promise, next time I need to come in here I'll be sure to come to you!"

Then she was gone too.

As she left there were a few giant stomps next to him that seemed to pause.

The box shook and groaned at what must have been a gargantuan woman sitting down above him. Arse cheeks, that would normally lightly brush above him, pushed against his face. It was more like a chasm, and when the hands started to pull them apart there was no question what she wanted.

He licked the knobbly hole pressing into him and could taste the ooze of sweat and dirt. It wasn't a clean sweat either, this was dank and heavy. The cheeks around his face for also sweating and he could feel it running onto his face.

"You don't have to like this babe." She said "But you're in this room and the sweat there was getting really uncomfortable. If you lick up my crack and around a bit I'll be sure to give you a good tip."

Licking up her crack was the worst. Worse than the hole itself. There was a gloop and sweat and dirt and god knows what else that all scooped itself into his mouth as he did it. He nearly gagged.

When she eventually got up, after some difficulty, he felt coins rattle around his face from above. "Thanks again" She said and her feet boomed off.
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