bobby & ali

It was Christmas time, and the snow had fallen thickly around the surrounding areas. Bobby and his wife Alison had been married for two years and had done well for themselves. Bobby had made a lot of money working within computer software and had a thriving business that he ran from home. Their house was gorgeous and picturesque, and at this festive time of year it looked even more homely than usual. A large fire burned in the huge fireplace and the place was covered in beautifully crafted Christmas decorations giving it such a cosy and comfortable feel.
Alison loved to cook, and she was very good at it, she particularly liked to make desserts, and she loved to cook for her husband. Because Bobby worked from home she used to leave him with lots of delicious food to munch on while he worked. Alison worked at her own bakery which she had bought before she knew Bobby. He had met her going in to get cakes and they had hit it off straight away. Two years of dating resulted in marriage and they were very happy together.
Bobby had a tendency to eat too much which resulted in him developing a bit of a belly which he was self-conscious of. He made himself go running and did sit ups to try and combat it, but he had a feeling his wife, who had the perfect pert figure, liked him to be a little bit more rotund. Bobby could not have been more right about that. Alison really wanted a fat husband, for two years she had been feeding him but the little bugger kept on exercising. No matter how much she fed him up, he'd always do enough running and cardio to keep the weight off him and she was getting quite tired of it.
Ali finished work one day and walked around town browsing for a birthday present for her husband. She came upon an occult shop, which she had walked past without looking at it that closely. She had heard things about it that you could buy spells from the woman who owned it. An idea crossed her mind, she didn't know if it was crazy or not but she was drawn inside and before she knew it she was talking to a grey haired lady behind the counter.
"I can give you what you want" the kindly looking lady smiled.
"I've not asked for anything yet"
"I know though, I know what you want" she said with a wry grin "your husband" she reached out and put her hand on Alison's and squeezed it. "Can you click your fingers?" she asked.
"Yes, of course, why?" Alison asked.
"It will make him grow" she said "each click will add ten pounds to your man's frame, and you can make him as big as you would like. The only thing is, there is no way to reverse the clicks. Once those pounds are on they are staying on. You could click your fingers 20 times in a row and 200 pounds will be added to your guy" she smiled "you want to take this spell?" she asked.
"I do" Alison said "how long does it last?" she asked.
"You can buy it in instalments" she said "$200 buys you a month of clicks, what do you say?"
"Will this really work?" she asked "It will make Bobby gain that much weight?" she was incredulous.
"It will" the lady said "I promise"
Alison got out her debit card and paid the $200 and made her way home. She saw Bobby sitting at his desk working as usual and came up behind him to kiss his cheek and hug him from behind.
"Hi baby" she cooed "how was your day?"
"Not bad" Bobby turned in his swivel chair and smiled at his wife "but better now you're home" he pulled her towards him and sat her down on his lap and kissed her. She trailed her hand down Bobby's chest and leant forward to whisper in his ear "I'll do dinner" she said "and it'll be ready in just a click" she said clicking her fingers. She looked at her husband and frowned, had the woman been teasing her. She kissed Bobby and went to the kitchen and clicked her fingers four more times and huffed. She'd been conned she figured.
Alison set about making dinner, she did pasta and meatballs that was quick and simple with a homemade garlic bread.
"Baby come and get it" she said as she laid out the table. She looked up as Bobby walked in and she stared. He looked around 50 pounds heavier, his belly pushing against the flannel shirt he had on with jeans that seemed to be massively tight with love handles poking over the sides. "Oh" she said.
"I don't know what happened?" Bobby said "I feel really fat all of a sudden" he rubbed his belly "was I always this big?" he frowned.
"Well, you do like your food" Alison said "and I do cook a lot"
"I also exercise a lot" Bobby sighed "so what's going on?" he sat down and moaned as his belly pressed against his shirt.
"Well I think you look good with a bit more meat" Alison said as she served up his food.
"Yeah I thought you might do" Bobby said "Ali do you like big men?" he asked.
"I don't mind them" she bit her lip "Bobby, if I tell you something promise not to be mad"
"What is it?" he started to eat his food, his appetite felt huge. He tore into the garlic bread and demolished the meatballs and spaghetti within no time. "Ali what?" he asked.
"You know that funny little shop near the bakery, the occult one?" Alison said as she reached out and gently caressed Bobby's now round belly.
"Yeah, weird place" Bobby said "what about it?"
"I went in, and the lady in there, you know what they say about her?"
"She's a witch, descended from salem I've heard it all before and it's a load of rubbish" Bobby laughed.
"Is it? Well care to explain how you seem to be around 50 pounds heavier than earlier?" Ali smiled and leant in and kissed him and whispered in his ear "I cast a spell on you" she said "and it's going to make you so very fat for me" she blew in his ear and undid his shirt. Bobby moaned as she started to kiss down his chest, one hand massaging his looser pecs and the other lifting his now visible paunch. "Whenever I click my fingers baby...ten pounds goes onto you, and I have this for a whole month, unlimited clicks" she peeled down his boxer shorts and rubbed her hand over his belly that was hanging over the boxers "I am going to make you oh so fat" she said.
"have you been drinking?" Bobby asked "because honey, you sound insane"
"Do I?" Alison raised her hand over her head and clicked another five times. Bobby groaned as he felt an odd sensation in his belly, as it stretched in front of his eyes, his thighs thickened and forced their way against his jeans. He saw his pecks swell and drop into moobs before his eyes and again his belly drop. He felt his ass expand on the chair and he let out a grunt. "100 pounds" Alison grinned "my boy has gained 100 pounds!" she exclaimed "I can make you so big"
"Ali....what?" Bobby said "this is insane, stop"
"I'll slow down, I can't reverse this you see, I want the rest of this to be gradual, to see you slowly get less mobile, flabbier and fatter, to see this guy start to hang down, to hear you pant and grunt as you get so big for me. I have four weeks of clicks, it's two weeks till Christmas, by the time we reach Christmas day I want you to be my prize hog. I love you Bobby, you work from home, this will be fine. I want you fat for me, you keep exercising, but now with this weight, you'll find it harder and you'll be hungrier too. Oh yes, in no time piglet, you'll be my blob, my big fat blobby Bobby" he said as he burst out of his trousers on the chair.
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