prologue: the two main characters almost die.

Author's note: I wanted to apologize for not coming up with a new story right after "The Scarlet." I was finishing up my Bachelor's degree for collage and didn't have time to write a new story. Also the prologue has no weight gain, it's just set up.
Current Weight
Ava: 125
Luna: 133
In the far distance future when man final left earth. The ship the S.S. "Good Life" was on a voyage to the edges of the Galactic Federation. The federation is large body of alien races banning together in harmony. The ship was a dumpster's fire even by Galactic Federation code standers. The ship belonged to two low rent scavengers. The first sound that captain Ava Desmere heard when she awoke form her sleeping pod was the blaring sound of the alarm. She awoke form her sleeping pod in a groggy state and the flashing red lights didn't help. Ava was short in stature only about five four with tan skin, dark eyes, and black hair. She had an impressively curvy body that she tricked several clients into giver her more for her goods than they were worth. She got out in only her underwear a set of black panties and bra. She had been worried lately that they had been fitting a little too tight feeling her bra might be a little too small and if she didn't cut out the cookies her panties would turn into a thong. She gained a little weight right before hyper sleep thought she did enjoy her B cup. She looked up at a control partial on the wall closest to her with its blue eye staring back at her and asked in her silky voice. "Computer what is the problem?" The computer had a nice calm voice (our equivalent to Suri's Voice) "The ship is caught in the gravitational field of a planet. Believed to be called Gigantica." Ava took a small look outside her window she saw a massive plan like plant with a large oceans and a blue atmosphere that was larger than any other planet she had ever seen. (For context it was as big as our Sun)
"Shit. How is that even possible?" Said as she rushed over to the other side of the sleeping pod station and furiously typed in the password to awaken her crew member Luna Demetri.
"My calculations for this journey did not anticipate the first engine exploding." Said the computer. Ava wasn't surprise the engine was on the frizz ever since they pulled one over on a bunch of pirates that put a blaster hole the engine. Luna said scotch tape would be enough to fix it.
"Convert all remanding power to landing. Ava said as the second pod opened." Ave said. She stared down at her friend and partner in crime Luna. Luna was very different from Ava, she was six feet tall with a long slander body. Though she eat constantly. She also had long curly hair, a surprising nice round butt, and sharp blue eyes. She was sleeping on her right side like a small kid with her favorite doll by her side. She had on white panties and a shirt that read "I survived Flagnu five and all I got was this shirt."
Ava taped her on the shoulder. "Five more mutinies." Luna said as Ava wondered how anyone could sleep thought this sound she remembered that when Luna was an orphan on the city planet Mano she sleeped next to a family of Oglins. Oglins were perhaps the most noise creature in the know Milky Way Galaxy.
Ava looked at the controls for the sleeping pod.
"Sorry about this." Ava said as she looked down at Luna with a small frown on her face.
There was a great shot and Luna sprang up from her pod. Luna started to brave heavily.
"Sorry I wouldn't do that unless we have an emergency."
"What is happening?" Luna said still trying to deal with the shock?
"We're crashing?" Ava said as she held Luna's dizzy head.
"Crashing?" Luna replied.
"Crashing." Ava replied back as she help Luna out of the sleeping pod.
The two made short work running back to their station on the deck not stopping for a set of new cloths. When they reached the junk deck of the S.S. "Life is Good" Ava wasn't sure would be worse death by impact or drifting aimlessly through the endless void of space. Luna might seem a little ditsy at time, but Ava knew if anyone could help land this ship it was her Luna prepared herself for the very real potential of death if they crashed into the surface of the planet below.
"Your call?" Ava said. As she was reading to press the controls.
Luna looked down at the computer feeding her information about the gravity of the planet.
"Prepare for landing and fallow my instructions. Amp up the landing boosters." Luna said Crashing seemed like a likely scenario now, as the ship was descending rapidly from the upper atmosphere if they managed to do this by some miracle they might not die. They had plans for one more scavenge on the decimated remains of Eno-4 the crystal planet that exploded not that long ago it was their dream savage that would set them for life.
Ava and Luna and feared they might never get there galactic dream retirement. Their glorious plans of vacationing in the ocean and beach world of Aval 23 and shipping of Corniu 4 where on the top of their bucket list.
"Losing altitude," intoned a synthesized voice of the computer echoed in the silent cockpit. As all hope seemed loss as they didn't have enough time to pull up. They felt the halting stop of anti-gravity beams. If they were not bucked in they would have been thrown directly out of their ships.
"This is the Gigantica fleet. You're save." said their hero over the comp.
Ava reached for the comp on the command controls.
"Ava Desmere here our engine's malfunctioning. Requesting permission to land for repairs."
"By your ships communication system I know you are from the Galactic Federation. Right now you are outside of the Federation and by law if you make a landing you are subjected only to the laws and regulations to the planet. Do you accept?" The two girls nodded with one another in silence. They knew they didn't have much of a choice.
"We accept." Ava said.
"Permission granted." The craft started to move up form from the lower location to above them while it was passing up the girls both noticed that the ship was in a weird circular shape with a hole in the middle creating a cycle in the middle of the ship.
As soon as the ship was save to walk around the two girls hugged one another and then looked down seeing for the first time they they were nearly naked.
"We should probably..." Luna said as she was pointing down as the bouncing boobs of Ava.
"Right." Ava said trying to hide them a little embarrassed about her nudity.
"I think they giggled a little bit more since I gained a little more weight." Ava said as they walked down the hallway and into their rooms.
"Those puppies have a mind of their own." Luna said with a bit of wit to her words. Hold up her hands over her small boobs and the using her hands open wide lifting out her arms to metaphorically enlarge them to comedic effect. Luna was always the more random and living in the moment out of the two. Ava was stricter over every little detail. The two got dressed Luna had on a regular tee shirt and booty shorts that on her tall legs seemed like something a child would wear. Ava had on what would be our equivalent to sweat pants and a white tee shirt. The cockpit door was opening and the two saw series of bright lights as soon as to cock pit door hit the group the light dropped the two girls saw the inhabitants of the new world and where in a state of shock. "Ava, I don't think were in Kansas anymore." Luna said. "Let's say hi." Ava said holding up her hand to have at them. The two walked down the cock pit door and into this new world.
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