a pig and his nurse

chapter 1

"Ow!" screamed the poor youth in pain. "It hurts really bad, Doc." "Yeah, you definitely broke your foot. How did it happen again?" said the doctor that was examining the teens foot. "It happened when I was carrying my stuff to my dorm and I accidentally dropped the box that had my dumb-bells, that I plan to use in order to get fit, on my foot. "That must've hurt like hell, huh? Anyway, I'll prescribe you some pain medication and have you come back in two days to get a cast put on it. Until then, no walking on the foot. I recommend using crutches to get by" said the doctor. However, the doctor quickly retorted what he had said about the crutches when he glanced back up at his patient. "Actually, it'd be easier for you to use a wheelchair. It's not practical, but it'll still keep you mobile". The doctor finished writing the prescriptions and handed him to his patient. "Alright Joey, here are the prescriptions with instruction on how to take them for the pain. I'll be right back with the nurse with a wheelchair for you to borrow until your foot is all healed up". The doctor gave Joey a comforting smile and walked out the room. Joey looked down trying to see his foot, but he couldn't, so he extended his leg as far out as he could and was able to see just how swollen and bruised it was. "Geez, that looks horrible" said the teen. Joeys' freak accident on how he broke his foot was true, he had dropped a box filled with dumb-bells on it, however, it wasn't true that he was going to use them. The newly college student was over 400lbs and 5'11, so the weigh showed easily on him. Joey came from a small country town were it wasn't bad being big, although, Joey may be too big. His parents never cared for his physique and just thought it was better to have an obese child than a starving one. When Joey was preparing to leave for college, he wanted to lose the weight and get into shape. He wanted to attract all the ladies, so he'd hoped that a few measly 25lbs dumb-bells would help him achieve that goal. His plan on getting into shape was put onto a halt as he won't be able to stand up for quite awhile.

"I can still lift the dumb-bells though" thought Joey as he sat waiting in the examination room. Joeys' train of thought was quickly broken when he had heard a few knocks on the door and the voice of the doctor rang in the room asking if he was decent. Joey quickly answered and the doctor walked in with a nurse by his side wheeling in a wheelchair. The young nurse seemed to be in his 20's, fit body with gleaming blue eyes and beach blonde hair. His physique was a great contrast to Joeys' whose body abs were being sheltered by piles and piles of fat. The nurse was in his final years of medical school and was getting some hands-on practice through his residency. "This is nurse Mike, he'll be your on-call nurse for whenever you need assistance" said the doctor. Mike approached Joey and gestured his hand towards him for a handshake. Joey shook the nurses' hand and the nurse greeted himself formally. "Hi there! I'm Mike, and like the doctor said, I'll be your on-call nurse to help you with that pesky broken foot of yours" said Mike with an eager tone. "Thanks, I really appreciate this." replied Joey. "Good news too is that Mike is actually your dorm mate. So it'll be easier for him to attend to your foot whenever it acts up". Mike interjected himself into the conversation and said "Whatever you need help with, I'll be right there to help you. Honestly, nothing would be too much for me to handle" with a toothy smile. Joey smiled and thanked the eager nurse for his kind attitude and words. "Well alright boys, I have to see another patient here in a few moments so I'll have to clear the room." Mike hastily responded and helped Joey onto the wheelchair. "I'll go ahead and take you to the dorm. I'll then go ahead and get those pain pills for you and then help you get situated in the dorm seeing as how I'm already unpacked and settled." And with that, Mike wheeled the poor obese boy out of the hospital and made their way to the university.
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chip 5 months
Promising! Is there more to come?
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please go on
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Great start! Looking forward to more
MangaBL 6 months
This story reminds me of a picture I saw on deviantant. Were a male nurse, secretly fattens' up a male patient who is his lover! :-D
DikkeGert 6 months
good start waiting for next chapter