the consultant

chapter 1: the consultant

He looked at the "sent" email confirmation and wondered what the hell he had done. He had possibly just done the most stupid thing of his whole life.

Dan is very good at his job. Which is odd, because he really doesn't enjoy it. But he is tall, handsome, kind and sympathetic, which makes him very good at his job. Successful at it. Dan is a Slimming World consultant and people do well in his group, they lose a lot of weight. Which is the very reason Dan doesn't like his job. Because Dan is a FA.

He had fallen into this job by accident really. One of the side effects of being an FA, of dating fat women and encouraging them to gain, is that you inevitably gain a little weight yourself. Dan was not a mutual gainer and every so often would make a push to lose any weight he'd gained. After Libby broke up with him, Dan had quite a bit to lose, just over 3 stone, the largest he'd ever been and he decided to join Slimming World. Ironically, it was because of Libby that he even knew about it. She'd just joined when he first met her and he saw around 2 stone of lovely fat melt off her body in the first couple of months of their relationship. (He was much happier to see it gradually go back on, and some extra, over the next 6 months or so!) And so he knew it worked. If someone like Libby could lose weight on this plan, someone who was so overweight and had such a big appetite, then he should find it easy. And he did. The 3 stone came off in no time and he was a firm favourite in the group which was mainly made up of women of various sizes. He found himself more than happy to stay to the group each week, even once he'd made his target weight, as he rather enjoyed the company.

The regular recruitment drive for new consultants just happened to coincide with Dan being made redundant from his senior tech position, with a healthy redundancy pay off. Without thinking too much about it, Dan had decided this might be a more stress free way to make a living, he paid the franchise fee and was up and running in six weeks. He never really gave himself time to fully process that he was signing up to help people lose weight. He'd just seen it as an easy franchise opportunity.

Now, a year later, he thought about the irony and ridiculousness of his situation regularly. As more and more members of his group successfully lost weight, he became more and more miserable. Not that they knew, of course. He was very good at his job and made each woman - and man, not that there were many - feel special and successful and more attractive, as they stuck to the plan and saw the pounds drop off.

Of course, there were the perks of seeing fat women every day. He particularly liked the returning members who could never successfully lose weight but re-joined every few months, half a stone heavier than the last time. It still gave him a little thrill to mentally guess the weight of the really fat members before they stepped on his scale for the first time, and to see the numbers roll up to some impressive weights. (He was secretly disappointed to have never yet had a client who outweighed the maximum limit of his scales.) But these perks did not compare to how sad he felt when a truly fat woman slimmed down to chubby. The perks didn't make him feel any better about the fact that he couldn't tell these woman how beautiful they were at their fattest. The perks didn't make it any easier to try and date someone he would actually find attractive.

Mind you, he hadn't really found anyone properly attractive since Libby - not the whole package type of attractive; body, mind and soul. She was the love of his life and he couldn't imagine loving anyone else as much. But she didn't want to be with him anymore.

And he'd just sent her an email inviting her to join his Slimming World Group.
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