pig play part 1

chapter 1

Well my fat little piggy, I hope you are ready. This is not a story, this is not the future, this is your life mapped out.

As you read this, i expect certain things from you. I will be given you tasks and i expect them to be followed, and you will be expected to provide proof.

First of all - i expect you to put on a tight button top or a tank styled top. Tighter the better. I want a picture of this (you sat down to emphasise all your rolls).

From the pictures you have sent me, it is clear you aren't fat. No fat is what over eaters are. You are an obese fat piggy. You are not normal. You do not eat for one, or two probaly not even three. Physically, you weigh almost what three women should weigh to be healthy. Instead you are a pig.

Your future is set in stone - it is only going one way. You have no self control to diet, you are going to get fatter. And with my help...the help which you want, desire and need you are going to become the pig YOU want to be.

(Say this out loud 5 times "I am James' piggy")

Your face...is round and greasy you can tell your a fatty with your chubby cheeks, big double chin, grease and spots from all the fatty foods you eat. Long gone is that slim face, that slim attractive face, in place you are left with a fat dumpy face.

Your arms no longer have definition or the strength they once had, you just have fat arms. You are devloping bingo wings, something reserved for the morbidly obese, something which will always poke out of short sleeved tops. You can flex them as hard as you want, but there is nothing. Just fat.

Your breasts...Your big bulbulous breasts (trace your fingers around your nipples). Well...THAT'S A LIE. They aren't breasts, those saggy fun bags are udders. They are not breasts. Breasts are reserved for those perky tits which hang high on a chest, are firm to the touch, and are not full of fat from over indulgence. Your breasts are fat saggy udders. The only firmness they have is from the fat you have gained over the years and perkiness? Long gone. You have ruined your breasts, especially for your age. It's sad really. Sad how you let yourself go. Sad how fat and floppy those udders you are.

It's obvious they were not meant to be that size, the stretch marks and blue vains really show how that. They show that you have forced them to grow from your over eating and being a pig. Most women do want bigger breasts, but they would rather be flat chested than have those udders.

(Say this out loud 5 times "I have fat saggy udders")

That belly...where to even begin. It speaks for itself - it's proof of your over indulgence. It's your medal of honour and testement to your greediness. It shows how much of a fat piggy you are. It shows you and everyone else that you are a pig. Someone who lacks self control. Someone who always has that one bite too many. Someone who always has desert after eating a meal for two.

It is covered in stretch marks - the war wounds of the obese. Some of them are red raw, from your recent weight gain. But then you have silver ones, as your gut has adjusted to the new weight you have forced upon your body, which is unnatural.

Your belly hangs, not overly so, however it shows you again that you have no tone or stomach muscles. That you have lost your control. That you have given into your carnal desires to be an obese pig. That you want to push your belly further.

The shame exciting you more and more, as you push yourself further with each meal, giving into your sexuality as you drip at the thought of getting fatter and fatter.

(Say this out loud 5 times "I am a fat obese piggy")

Now I want you to get a pen and write on your belly "Owned by James" and send me a picture if you want part 2 ;)
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Goodness! This is quite erotic!