the real story of cupcakeevolution

week 1

Cupcake Evolutions Weight Gain Journal

September 4, 2017 - Weight 139 lbs

Breakfast - Greek Yogurt, Banana, kickstart
Lunch - Fish, Whole grain pasta with butter, veggie mix
Snack - Fiber bar
Supper - 2 hamburgers, ribs, mashed potatos, corn, apple pie and chocolate peanut butter cake, mountain dew.
Snack - 2 bowls of chips, 4 beef sticks, sugar soda

Exercise - Yoga class in evening all bloated.

Todays highlight for sure was supper. When I went to the Country Cupboard and I totally let myself go. I walked in wearing a tunic, comfy leggings, no panties, nylon socks, and a I did my make-up all the match. I was nervous at first but once I started filling my plate the thrill of binge eating in public had taken over. I inhaled the first two hamburgers and then went up for a second plate of ribs, mashed potatos and corn. My stomach was now aching as I filled it with mountain dew. Obviously distended I forced myself to stand and go back for desert. A few people were watching as I walked over with two plates, one with apple pie and one with cake. It was difficult to get them down and I felt sick, like I was going to puke. But I was so aroused and high from the sugar. I finished both. On the way out my stomach hurt, like it was going to burst. As I walked out I couldn't hard a fart in anymore and I let a long loud one roar out around a bunch of people while holding my belly. No apologies I kept walking. Hehe! What a binge! I hope for more like this as I slow down my exercise and start to gain...

Yoga went well. A little tough doing all those poses with such a massively bloated stomach! Halfway through class while lying on my back a fart just roared out loud and long. So embarrassing but it felt so good. I was watching myself in the mirror and I looked a few weeks pregnant!
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Tuesday September 5, 2017

Breakfast - Greek yogurt, banana, Mtn Dew spiked
Lunch - Chicken, whole grain pasta with butter, veggie mix
Snack - Peanut butter and cheeze its, apple
Supper- Ham sandwich, chips, veggies
Snack - Protein bar
Before bed - 3 bowls of beef soup

Today was a normal day just going into work. I had on my tight black skinny jeans, blue tank top, black socks and black flats. I felt pretty normal and actually more energetic since I have taken the past few days off from working out and eating more!
Wednesday September 6, 2017

Breakfast - Yogurt, banana, mtn dew spiked
Lunch - Fish, pasta with butter, veggies
Snack - Vanilla milkshake
Snack - Cheeze its and peanut butter, apple
Supper - Ham sandwich, chips, veggies, ice tea
Snack- Fiber bar, protein bar
Before bed meal - 2 skillets from Dennys, cheesecake, sundae

Felt wonderful to let myself go today and not worry about exercise or my waste line. I wore leggings and a tunic all day so nothing would dig in as my stomach filled. I got massively bloated at Dennys, it was the most I had ever eaten in one sitting. It was wonderful. I have never felt this happy in all my life.
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Thursday September 7, 2017

Breakfast - Yogurt, large kickstart
Lunch - Chicken, pasta, veggies
Snack - Chocolate milkshake
Snack - Cheeze its, peanut butter, banana
Supper - Ham sandwich, veggies, chips, mtn dew spike
Snack - Granola bar
Before bed - 2 huge bowls of soup, 5 beef sticks

The body is feeling wonderful with all the extra food it is taking in. I feel so much happier and healthier. I am not sure either and I have a lot more energy and drive. I noticed at work that my belly was really protruding and pushing out my tunic top. I made sure that I let it bulge out so everyone could see how bloated and distended I was from last nights binge. I had on a brown tunic, black leggings, black nylons and was all dolled up. Felt amazing.
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Friday September 8, 2017

Breakfast - Greek Yogurt, Kickstart
Lunch - Chicken sandwich, veggies
Snack - Vanilla Milkshake
Snack - Cheeze its with peanut butter, banana
Supper - Ham sandwich, empanata, chips, veggies, ice tea
Snack - Granola bar
Before bed - pork, steak strips, potatoes, corn

I wore a tunic, leggings, and white socks today. Went pantiless again it and it felt wonderful. My belly was really distended and pregnant looking after supper and I made sure I let it out all the way as I left the break room burping from the overload. It has been a week of not working out, overeating, and I feel wonderful!
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Calories go in.
Belly grows out.
This is awesome. Can't wait to see the end results of your journey!
Soda is just called mtn dew spiked. And I am totally letting myself go. I want to eat and grow and everyone here will get to see and read about the experience.
wayTooThin 3 months
what do you spike your soda with?