shower thoughts

chapter 1

"Wow she's gorgeous ".......
"Oh man look at her".......
"She's got the finest body I've ever seen"......
All of these comments fluttered around the heads of every guy in school as the hottest girl of every grade roamed the halls on her way to her next class. Her name was Rachel, Rachel's skin was Carmel brown and there was not a blemish on her. Her ass was like two basket balls shoved inside the tightest of yoga pants, so tight the material was stretched see through almost but there was not a trace of any sort of imperfection on it at was toned, bouncy, but yet squishy ....According to her that is. She carried heafty 36dd breasts in which she flaunted every day through tight shirts or low cut v-necks, whatever it may be Rachel had it in ample supply.
But the old thing was, Rachel had a thing for fat, growing fat and staying fat..... she kept it a fantasy for a while until she explored deeper and deeper into her desires and she began to look at larger woman as if she was large as well. She always would go to school and come home immediately going on to fat friendly websites and looking at images of gorged women, and images of men feeding women till the mans content. Never once would she put an extra calorie in her mouth until she was sure she could burn it off with a strenuous workout.
Rachel always worked out....every day usually, with her friend Tara. Tara was gorgeous too bigger breasts than her ass was which she appreciated bc all the guys do to.
"Then this guy came over to me while I was on the squat rack and asked if he could spot me so I said sure, and he placed his hands right on my big ol' boobs..... and squeezed when I came up from my was heavenly" Tara bragged. "For that exact reason is why I want to stop going to the gym, I can't get a decent workout in without some one starring me down like I'm a gazel in the savanna surrounded by a pride of lions." Rachel spat. Tara looked at Rachel with a glimmer in her eye and said "maybe you should just quit the gym and we can make you chubby" Tara laughed. "Well I mean I like my body now but I'm sick of getting harassed and starred at.......fuck it....why not, it can't be that difficult to put on weight" replied Rachel. "I was kidding " Tara said puzzled at Rachel's enthusiasm. " you may have been but I wasn't so let's get to it lady, this body isn't going to destroy itself......" Rachel stated with a grin of deviancy on her face
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Jazzman 3 months
The premise is very good! The 191/2 measurement and the hips 27 need research and revisiting.Too small .And the others are probably too big.But the characters are great and your spelling is good except for "your" when it should be "You're ".Good job!
Jazzman 3 months
Valentines and Easter and Halloween sale candy.Plus gorging at cookouts for Memorial Day July 4th and Labor Day.In addition to the 5 per month for 60.She coukd easily gain 15 to 25 more and be over 200 in just a year.I Look forward to what You have planne
Jazzman 3 months
Nice writing.I hope you decide on realistic weight gain-which can be quite rapid.Even 5 lbs a month and a few more at each major "eating" holiday would transform her in just a year.60 lbs plus additional damage at Thanksgiving,Christmas,Valentines and Eas