teasing the pig

chapter 1

It was Chloe's Big Day At her new high school, it was a lot bigger then she expected and she was already sweating in several places. She got out of her car and looked around her surroundings.

She eyed the huge school up and down wondering if she'd ever survive walking up the masses of stairs it must've had...

Suddenly she heard snickering and giggles and looked around slightly panicked to see who it was and what they were laughing at. Eventually her eyes met with a tall handsome boy with dark hair and bright blue eyes and a couple of girls, all slim and gorgeous.

Chloe then realised that they were looking directly at her when they were all laughing; she then slowly looked down and realised that a creamy blubber roll was poking out of her tank top. (It was already stretched.) she immediately pulled it down with tears already slightly forming in her eyes. She wanted to go home, but before she knew it her sister, Maddy who drove her, had already driven off. Probably off to Starbucks.
---------------------------------------------- ----------

Tessa and Luke had just been watching what had happened from a far distance. They saw the older kids giggling at her roll and they turned to each other;

"This is who we've been waiting for.. FINALLY someone who's actually obese in this school. Why is everyone here so skinny..." Tessa sighed looking at her chipped finger nails.

"She's perfect isn't she? A new kid here, and she's a right piggy. I think we better get a move on and make her OUR piggy, don't you think?" Said Luke With a grin.

"Yes- she defiantly has potential, I think we better go and talk to Tom About This." And with that, both Tessa and Luke walked off to go and find tom.
---------------------------------------------- ----------
Chloe had been assigned to her dorm and was already settling in. Her mind kept going back to the kids who laughed at her belly that morning. He was so handsome. And the girls were all so pretty.

It was January and Christmas was over; and for Chloe, that meant she had packed on another 40 lbs over the holidays. She never used the scale as she knew she would be horrified at whatever it flashed up with.

Whilst she was unpacking her tops into her draws, the bell for lunch went. She breathed in and grabbed her jacket and waddled on down to the cafeteria. When she arrived, many people looked at her with disgust and amusement. But Chloe chose to ignore it and she told herself that they weren't looking at her, even though it was obvious.
---------------------------------------------- ----------
On one of the tables right at the back, Tessa, Luke and tom where all sat down and eating their lunches, watching Chloe pile on a huge amount of food. They were amused by the lunch lady's shock.

"So, what do you think?" Said Tessa to tom.

"Well, she's defiantly a piggy. I think she has potential. But she's too full of herself and conifident at the moment. You need to break her in order to have full command over her."

Tessa and Luke listened to his advice carefully, as he was in the older year above and knew more about this then any of the piggy keepers.

Tom continued- "first of all, you need to do small things like tease her and maybe poke or jiggle her stomach, laugh at her in gym class- the usual. And Luke, you can be her hero ok? I'm guessing that hog has never had a boyfriend or anything close- Be the kind one, be there for when Tessa Teases her. That way she'll develop a pig crush. Then you'll have her control."

Tessa and Luke both agreed and were excited as hell to get to touch her belly, but they knew it would take time.
----------------------------------------- ---------------

Chloe had piled on a huge amount of the bread and jelly pots that were on offer, paid for it, and then looked around the cafeteria- she then realised that the majority of the room was either whispering about her or looking at her with disgust.

She gulped and began to sweat, she was frozen and didn't know where to go. She spotted a empty table and slowly made her way over to it, looking down and not at any of the people. She heard an "OINK" and froze when she meant to keep walking. She then realised that everyone must have known she'd heard it so she kept on walking, legs shaking. She had finally sat down on her seat and began to dig in to her food alone.

As it took her a long time to eat her mountain of food, by the time she left- barley anyone was there except some late comers. She walked up the 2 flites of stairs up to her bedroom door. She opened it and just as she walked in the realised a piece of paper had been slid under it. She picked it up and it said- 'Meet me In room 42 in 10 minutes, I need to tell you something. Nothing bad so don't be alarmed.'

Chloe paused. She thought someone was making a joke and when she got there it might be empty. But having no friends, she thought that maybe she could just take the butt of the joke and then maybe she'd make some friends, even at her own humiliation expense. She decided to go.

She eventually found room 42 and knocked on the door. It opened to her surprise, and an absolutely GORGEOUS boy who was about 6'2 with blonde browny hair and bright blue eyes and a cute little smile greeted her.

"Hi! I'm Luke, can you come in a sec?" He grinned.

"U-uh um..u-uh... i - i - I'm C-Chloe. And Sure.." she couldn't get her words out, she followed him in to the classroom that was empty and with barley any lights on.

Luke Jumped Straight in as He could tell she was vulnerable to his looks and he knew he already had a level of power over her.

"So, Chloe. I heard some kids saying some things about you today in the cafeteria and I just wanted to make sure you're okay?"

Chloe looked down, ashamed and nervous that this fine looking boy had probably heard some kids calling her a whale, but was shocked he was coming and talking to her and being so kind.

"Oh.. uh.. yes. Yea.. yeah I'm fine. Thank you."

Luke thought. Ah the pigs nervous.

"Well if you need anything just come to me and I'll help! Besides- you're not the things they're calling you; you're a cute little.. well, big thing." And with that he smiled at her and walked away.

Chloe was shocked at what had happened, and felt sad that he called her big, but felt happy that he had even acknowledged her existence and called her 'cute' ! She waddled back to her bedroom and fell straight asleep dreaming about her new crush.
---------------------------------------------- ----------
When Luke got to his dorm, he sat on his bed and texted Tessa straight away, feeling happy with himself.

-It went great! I called her cute and also big so she feels nervous around me. Stage one of her developing her crush is complete ;)-

Tessa replied almost immediately...

-ugh Luke you're so full of yourself, but that's wonderful! Stage two will happen tomorrow. Time to tease this little piggy.night.-

He replied...

-Yes! Can't wait, night.-

----------------------------------- ---------------------
The next day rolled around as did Chloe.

She remembered what had happened in the cafeteria yesterday and decided to skip breakfast.. well at least not in front of them. She gobbled down 6 breakfast bars; the unhealthy ones.

Her first class was library. So all she had to do was read for a while- which she enjoyed- the class came and went quick but luckily nobody had noticed her. Which is what she wanted.

Her next class was gym class. Having absolutely nobody to talk to and zero friends she was worried. And also she knew that all the girls where pretty, and most girls just spoke about other girls behind their backs right..? She was worried. But she got changed into size 18 shorts and a Stretched out size 20 gym top her mum got her specially made before she went to the school.

She arrived there and already girls were laughing at her. they didn't even try to hide it.
---------------------------------------------- ----------
Tessa had blonde long hair and had a tall slim figure, she got ALL the boys and all the girls either where friends with her or wanted to be. She was also the gym helper, making sure all the girls were okay. Obviously she only took the job as she knew that there had to be some obese whales to come along at some point. Which there was.

Immediately she eyed the blubber girl waddling down onto the field with her hands fiddling her fingers in front of her waist and looking down.

A couple of moments before she had arrived she measured all the girls as that was something she had to do each week to the girls to see their progress.

She jogged over to the girl with an evil look on her face.

"Ready for your measurements? Huh?"

Chloe stopped and looked so nervous, her throat went dry at the word measurements.

"W-what Measurements?? I didn't ask for any? Please no I don't want any.." she was starting to panic.

"Don't worry, all the girls have had theirs done. Come on now." She almost pushed Chloe to go over to the measuring block, it was filled with first aid equipment and messauring tools.

Chloe was feeling like she was going to cry. "No really I don't want them! Please.. I - I need the bathroom I- I.. " all the girls were laughing with amusement.

"Oh shut up tubby." Tessa said evilly. The rest of the girls laughed.

"Arms out now porky."

Chloe burst out crying and started to walk away when one of Tessas friends grabbed her.

"Oi we had to have ours done! Don't be such a pussy and put your arms out you fat pig."

Chloe was in shock.. she was trembling and tessa felt hot in between her legs watching her belly shake with fear.

Tessa grabbed her and measured round her arms. "Oh my..your arm is the same measurement as my leg. Just so you know."

Chloe looked ashamed and was still shaking.

Tessa then measured around her legs. Chloe felt Tingly and numb and could feel hot tears streaming down
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