Oliver was a fit guy in his mid twenties he was single and he liked to serial date girls he hadn't ever had a serious relationship always finishing with the girl before it got too intense. He wasn't one to commit. He spent a lot of time in the gym but he wasn't well built. He'd been slight since he was young and he mainly did cardio in the gym to get his fitness up rather than muscles but he did sport a toned six pack.
It was a Saturday night and Oliver was having a night in, he'd been out the night before and drank too much so he was sitting on the sofa watching the TV. His stomach rumbled and he went to the fridge. There was nothing he fancied but he saw a leaflet for half price pizza if he collected.
He grabbed his coat and headed down the road to the nearby Papa Johns pizza and went to make his order. He sat and waited for it to be cooked then after paying he headed out to go back to his flat. But Oliver never made it to his flat he felt a dull thud on the back of his neck and everything went black.
Oliver came round some time later he wasn't sure exactly how much later but he was laying in a bed that was actually quite comfortable propped up against pillows. He groaned and went to rub the back of his neck but realised then that he was restrained not tightly but he wasn't able to reach the back of his neck because of the loose bonds.
"What the hell?" he muttered as he took in his surroundings. It was a nice room stylish and decorated really pleasantly. He looked at the door as it opened and possibly the most attractive woman he had ever seen walked in. She had long blonde tousled hair and a figure to die for big heaving breasts were pushed up by a corset and she had a short black skirt on that clung to her curves. "What am I doing here?" he asked.
"I've been watching you" the woman said "my name is Lisa and I have been watching you in the gym and I like you Olly, can I call you Olly?" she asked as she came and sat down.
"How'd you know my name?" Oliver asked, he pulled on the restraints "and is this necessary?" he asked "if you want kinky I'm all up for that but I'm a bit worried about the fact I can't get up"
"As I said I've been watching you" she pulled back the covers and traced a finger down his bare chest.
"Where are my clothes?" Oliver said suddenly realising he was just in his boxer shorts.
"You don't need them" she said "believe me, when I'm done playing with you they won't fit anyway" she grinned. She reached into a bedside drawer and pulled out a vile and a needle, now Oliver panicked and he began to pull on his bonds trying to get free.
"What's that? It's not heroin or anything is it?" he asked as fear flashed in his eyes.
"No! what do you take me for?! I'm not about to inject that crap into you, no this is just a little something to relax you and make you eat for me"
"Eat? I don't understand" Oliver frowned "what do you mean eat"
"Shhh" Lisa said and slid the needle into Oliver's arm and pushed the plunger down. Oliver hissed against the pain but within seconds he felt very strange, and extremely hungry. His head lolled to the side and he grinned at Lisa and let out a moan "Ok sweetheart?" Lisa asked him "Olly, sweetheart"
"Hungry....so...hungry&qu ot; he moaned and kicked his legs "hung....ry" he slurred.
"Good boy I'll be back" Lisa got up and walked out and returned with a trolley loaded with food. Oliver licked at his lips he had never felt so hungry in all his life and he smacked his lips together and groaned in anticipation as Lisa started to feed him. He ate and ate through macaroni cheese, chicken wings and cream potatoes his belly started to swell and he was full but couldn't stop eating. A tray of brownies went into him and half a fudge cake. Oliver had food all round his mouth and over his chest, cream ran down the sides of his mouth as he moaned with his gut stuffed full. He could barely speak he felt confused and jumbled as Lisa stuffed him full.
When all the food was finished he lay there breathing hard his usual flat stomach swollen into the shape of a bowling ball. He belched and groaned as Lisa rubbed his belly gently and leant into kiss his lips, her hand travelled down and she grasped his now throbbing penis and gently worked her hand up and down as she brought a stuffed Oliver to climax.
Oliver lay there helpless as she injected him with something else, this made him black out.
Waking up Oliver had no idea how long he'd been asleep but he panicked as he gagged on what seemed to be a tube down his throat, he groaned and tried to cry out but something was pumping down the tube into his stomach. He whimpered as he looked down at himself and let out a whine. His stomach was bulging upwards it was stuffed solid and there were red and silvery stretch marks on it. Oliver groaned he wanted to rub at his belly but he was still restrained. He stared as he saw his gut swell up as the thick gloopy liquid went down the tube straight into his stomach. He was dazed and felt weak he couldn't move, there was nothing he could do. Oliver was trapped.
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Please continue this, I absolutely adore the first two chapters and I've been anxious to read further!
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Either way I love it!!
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Who doesn't like a good fattening up story - especially against his will. Even better.

This is the second Oliver I've seen in such a story by the way. He also blew up nicely
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