you gain i lose


Bobby came in from the gym and put his bag down, he stretched and wandered into the living room where his wife of five years Molly was sitting watching TV shows with a big bag of Doritos, she had a tight t shirt on that clung to her belly and rode up at the sides.
"Hun" Bobby sighed "you should lay off the chips, you're just getting bigger" he sat down and took off his shirt as he was hot and his six pack and defined body glistened with sweat "I did an amazing work out today"
"Good for you" Molly sighed, she had always been a slightly bigger girl but since turning 22 she had real issues trying to shift the weight she gave up in the end and just ate what she wanted, she had jiggly bits everywhere. She was certain Bobby loved her but he did used to make remarks about her weight all the time which she found quite irritating. "I'll get dinner on" she got up and pulled her top down to cover her belly and wandered to the kitchen. She cooked a meal of chicken and vegetables, Bobby always wanted healthy meals. Molly's problem was that she snacked and her weight was hovering around 210 lbs.
They sat and ate their meal and Bobby took himself off to have a shower afterwards and he looked at his fit body in the mirror, he showered got into his pyjama bottoms and a t shirt and headed downstairs to see his wife eating from a Ben and Jerry's tub. He sat down by her and put his hand on her belly.
"This will never go down if you keep doing this babe" he said quietly.
"Stop teasing me Bobby" Molly sighed "I don't like it"
"I want you to be healthier that's all, I don't want you to get sick"
"Sick? I'm fine I'm just a little chubby, I'm not like you, I can't get fit and thin"
"You can do anything if you try hard enough" he said. "I'm off to bed hun that workout killed me. Night" he kissed her and went upstairs and Molly scowled, she was fed up of her husband teasing her but she needed to do something about it. She got her laptop and started to google how to secretly fatten someone up. He needed to see what it was like being a bigger person and see how he copes with it. She trawled some sites but then she saw something that caught her eye, it was a site with spells and there was one called you gain I lose" she clicked into it and on the page was an incantation that looked rather like Latin. Molly scoffed, it claimed that if she cast this upon Bobby she would begin to lose weight and he would begin to gain it, up to an infinite point, her body changes would slow down but his would keep on going. She snuck up the stairs and stood outside the door of the bedroom and started to whisper the words of the incantation.
"Sit meus venter dum accipit et ingens minima es, ut sis portarum secundum longitudinem portarum
longus eris. Crassus nimis ita et per ipsum Pinguis et ero dignus Pinguissimum pecus hominem in omni terra"

She put her laptop away and went to bed herself wondering if it was at all possible that the spell would work. She got into bed by her husband and cuddled up to him falling asleep for the night.
The next morning she was up first for work she had a shower and then got changed, her work trousers which had been a little snug seemed to be a bit looser. She looked in the mirror, she looked the same, but there was a definite change in the tightness of her trousers. It was then that Bobby woke up and got out of bed, she looked at him, his sick pack still well defined but she was sure that she could see his belly looking a little rounded. He yawned and felt his stomach rumble.

"Wow I'm hungry" he said "fancy some breakfast? I'll whip us up some eggs" he went off downstairs and Molly followed him as she walked she felt her waistband loosen and her trousers feel more ill fitting.
"This cannot have worked?!" she said to herself as she went into the kitchen. She stared as Bobby who now did have a little paunch showing that stuck out a little. It was only noticeable because she knew she'd cast the spell. "Incredible" she said quietly and sat down to enjoy breakfast.

It was after a few days that Bobby began to notice that something was happening with him, he was having issues doing up his suit trousers for work, he yanked the zip up and felt it break.
"Shit!" he exclaimed and got his other pair which also felt a little snug on him. "I'm going to the damn gym later" he muttered and headed out to work kissing his wife goodbye.

Bobby was sitting at his desk at work and as he answered a few emails he absentmindedly rubbed his belly, he stopped as he felt it was softer than normal and he looked down to see that his shirt buttons looked as if they were a little strained.
"What the hell?" he groaned "where's this damn gut come from?" he told himself he was 100% going to the gym later on he'd never had a belly like that before.

Arriving at the gym Bobby stepped on the scales, he was always a fit and lean 145lbs but as he stepped on the scales he looked horrified as the numbers crept up and stopped on 155 lbs he had put on ten pounds in a week. Angrily he got changed and did a long and arduous workout, and decided to have a protein shake rather than any dinner.
"I'm *not* going to get fat" he snapped as he got in the car.

The next morning Bobby rolled over in bed and looked at his wife who was getting changed, she looked trimmer he thought, and he frowned as he reached down and his hand felt the doughy flesh underneath his digits. He sat up and stared at the little pot belly that was sticking outwards.
"how the hell?" he groaned.
"Ok sweetheart?" Molly came over to him and kissed him "what's wrong baby?" she asked.
"Do I look fat to you?" Bobby asked "and answer me seriously, my belly looks flabby" he said.
"No you look fine, I think I've lost a bit of weight though" she smiled and kissed him again "don't you think?"
"Yeah, I was thinking that while I looked at you just now, but are you sure about me? I mean my work trousers are getting tight on me. But I did a killer work out last night and only had a protein shake I shouldn't be gaining weight" he got out of bed and got dressed in his usual Saturday attired of joggers and a t shirt, he ran his hand over his belly, he definitely felt like he'd gained weight but he just didn't understand how or why.

The next week went by and Bobby was at the gym every night, Molly was eating what she wanted and the weight was dropping off her daily but exactly as the spell had said, for all she lost her husband gained. When Bobby came walking into the room on Friday after his gym work out Molly stared at her husband, his belly was slightly hanging over his joggers and his face was filling out a little too. She was wearing the same top she had been the week before that had strained on her belly, now it was quite loose.
Bobby felt hungry and more hungry than he'd ever felt before but he grumpily put his kit bag down and excused himself to go to bed. Molly laughed to herself, this was actually working.

During the night Bobby woke up ravenous and headed downstairs where he proceeded to stuff himself with the leftovers in the fridge he also found his wifes chocolate stash and biscuits and he put away two packs of oreos and a tub of ice cream. He lay bloated and full on the couch rubbing his stuffed gut, and there on the sofa he fell asleep.
When Molly woke up the next day she saw Bobby wasn't in bed with her, she got out of bed and looked at her baggy pyjamas, she lifted her top and saw the definition of her abs starting to come through it was quite a big difference so she wondered what Bobby was looking like.

Molly padded downstairs and saw her husband sprawled on the sofa, his belly no longer flat was jutting outwards and his flesh was poking out from under his tight white t shirt. He was snoring as he slept, his belly rising up and down.

"He's going to be so mad" Molly laughed as she surveyed his larger body and then her more taut tummy. "What fun!"

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