week 5

week 5

Week 5

Saturday September 30, 2017

Breakfast - Yogurt, kickstart
Lunch - 3 pieces of fish, potatoes
Supper - 3 slices of pizza, soda, chicken breast coated
Snack - twix pieces in peanut butter
Snack - Ramen noodles

I was out today in my dark blue skinny jeans and a tight red top. By the end of the day you could see where the jeans were digging in around my waist! I am getting fat around the back side of waist and a very small layer is forming around my belly! This is soooo exciting!
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Sunday October 1, 2017

Breakfast - yogurt, kickstart
Lunch - Burger, veggie mix, rice and cheese
Supper - Chicken breast hoagie, donut, coolata
Snack - Half a bmt hoagie

Exercise - Free skate - 3 - 4.
Gentle yoga - 7 - 8:15. Keeping those legs and butt in shape!

I took a yoga class today and the instructor was older and had some extra pounds on her! It was super hot! She even confessed to me that she overate before class and was feeling pregnant! What a piglet! You could see she was trying to hold her belly in but she had to exhale it from time to time and I could see how full and round it was! Mine was the same way but I ended up letting it bulge during class along with everything else! Hehe!
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Monday October 2, 2017

Breakfast - Sausage links, yogurt, kickstart
Lunch - Half a hoagie
Snack - Apple with peanut butter
Supper - Turkey sandwich, chips, fresh vegetables.
Snack - Protein bar
Before bed - Chicken patty, cheese pasta, cheeze its, salad

Overall I was a little tired today from such a busy weekend and all the binging! I wore my black tights and my skirt to my dentist appointment. The skirt is floofy and beings my butt has gotten bigger it really made the skirt pop out! It is so lovely to see a reflection of that in the mirror!! J I changed into my short shorts for work and boy were they digging into my crotch area! Ahha! I was like omg my thighs are getting a larger for sure!
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Tuesday October 3, 2017

Breakfast - sausage links, yogurt, kickstart
Lunch - Chicken breast, whole grain pasta
Post workout - Strawberry milkshake
Snack - Peanut butter cookies, banana
Supper -Turkey lunch meat hoagie, chips, fresh vegetables
Snack - Fiber bar
Before bed - 2 bowls of soup

Workout - Compound upper body lift.
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Wednesday October 4, 2017

Breakfast - sausage links, yogurt
Lunch - Chicken breast, pasta
Snack - banana, cheeze its and peanut butter
Supper - Turkey hoagie, chips, fresh vegetable mix
Snack - Protein bar
Before bed - Ramen noodles, turkey sandwich

Felt kind of crappy today. I have come down with a cold so that is putting me on a bit of a down and out feel. I just get so tired and lose my appetite when I get sick. So hopefully in a couple of days I will start feeling better and I can get back into my large eating sessions!! J
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Thursday October 5, 2017

Breakfast - Sausage, yogurt
Lunch - Chicken breast, pasta, asian vegetables
Snack - Cookies and peanut butter
Supper - Turkey sandwich, chips, fresh vegetable mix
Snack - Protein bar
Before bed - 6 slices of meat lovers pizza, dominos

I had a bad night out binge eating. The normal places I go were filled with a bunch of dumb rednecks. So I stayed away from them. I couldn't believe how many people were out overnight, I was like my goodness, go back to bed! I was like I wish I had this much free time on my hands that I could just sit in Dennys all night and make fun of people! Jeez.
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Friday October 6, 2017

Sick with a cold.
Breakfast - yogurt
Lunch - Turkey sandwich, chips, beef sticks
Supper - Ham slice, shrimp poppers, green beans
Before bed - Cup noodles
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Thanks!!! smiley I just had to leave. Perry County people here in PA are the worst.
(continuing comment below) They will never be half as happy as you are now. And you are only going to grow happier as you give in to your gluttony and grow bigger and more sexy.
It seems the redneck culture is everywhere these days and not just confined to Kentucky, West Virginia and the South. People can be rude, but you have the last laugh because you are finding pleasure and fun in every single day of eating and gaining. The