davey's journey

chapter 1

Tabitha Swanson was a nursery nurse in her late twenties, a voluptuous girl with sexy curves and dark brown hair that fell tousled to the sides. She had slightly olive skin and huge brown eyes with long lashes. She owned her own business, a children's day care centre which she had been working in for the last four years and she loved it. She looked after a class of toddlers from the age of one to two years old.
Tabitha had been seeing her boyfriend Dave for the last eighteen months, things were good, they enjoyed each others company and did a lot of activities together, movies, theatre, dinners and their sex life was great. All in all everything from the outside seemed perfect, and Dave pretty much considered it was as well. But Tabitha had some other ideas, she loved Dave, and she loved him very much but she had plans for him, and one morning she decided to put those plans into action.
They woke up in bed and she looked over at him facing her and still asleep, she scooted up closer so that her big breasts were close to his face, gently she started to run her nipple along his slightly parted lips and he let out a small snuffle in his sleep.
"Come on baby, take it" she whispered as she pushed closer to him. She then got her result, Dave latched onto her breast and started to suckle, he woke as he realised he was drinking her milk, at first he was taken aback but it was so sweet and tasted so good that as she gently stroked his head and cheek he became quite comfortable with the situation. When he finished Tabitha kissed him and pulled away. "Davey" she said.
"mmm?" he smiled at her "what is it?"
"Do you fancy coming into work with me today?" she asked.
"Babe I need to do some job hunting" he said "we need the money" he sighed. He'd been made redundant from his job at a publishing firm three weeks ago and had been trying to get back into work.
"One day off from it won't hurt sweetheart" Tabitha said "come on, you can help me, you like the kids it'll be fun" she kissed him "please baby?"
"Yeah ok then" Dave sat up and rubbed his stomach "oof..that er milk....made me full" he let out a little burp.
"Wasn't it hot though?" Tabitha asked with a wink "turned me on"
"Me too" Dave leant in and kissed her.
"Come on we need to get moving" Tabitha said "can't be late for the kids"
They drove to the nursery and Tabitha parked up the car and they went in. Dave had been to the nursery before to help out so he didn't really mind he did like kids and hoped that he and Tabitha would have some of their own one day. They went in and Dave helped set up the toys getting ready for the children to arrive.
"Here we go baby" Tabitha handed him a mug "coffee"
"Thanks hun" he kissed her and drank it, there was a weird taste to it he thought but it might have been the milk being slightly old, he drank it anyway it wasn't tasting that bad. The kids started to arrive and they started their day. Dave was playing with the kids happily, Tabitha watched him as he suddenly broke away from the children and sat playing by himself with a toy car. She watched as his thumb found its way towards his mouth and he started to suck on it while pushing the car with his other hand.
It came to lunch time and Tabitha got all the children set up with their food, all the kids were able to feed themselves so while keeping an eye on them she went and also sat down by Dave who was sitting on the floor still playing with a car.
"Ok baby?" she asked "are you hungry?"
"Huh?" Dave looked up at Tabitha and a huge smile broke out on his face "hungry" he mumbled round his thumb.
"I thought so, I've got you some special lunch" he brought out a plastic box and took the lid off, Dave looked into it, he felt very odd all of a sudden, he had a desire to be close with Tabitha but not in a sexual way he wanted her to hold him and make him feel safe. "This is my special pasta sauce just for you, you want help with it?" she asked and he nodded slowly and opened his mouth obediently so she could feed him. She spooned the food into his mouth and after one tub had finished she got another one and fed him that till his belly was stuffed full. Dave fell asleep after eating and she left him in the corner curled up with a teddy bear while she played with the other kids.
At 3pm the children had all been picked up and she went to wake up Dave.
"Davey" she whispered "baby wake up" she stroked his face softly and his eyes opened. He felt quite groggy and his belly ached. He sat up and rubbed the back of his neck, the medication that had been in his coffee had worn off and he was thinking with his adult mind again.
"Did I sleep a while?" he asked "God...what did I eat my tummy hurts"
"Maybe you're getting sick?" Tabitha felt his head "let me get you some water" she went and got some and slipped some more of the medication into it. Ten minutes after drinking it he again felt the need to be close with Tabitha and he whimpered a little when she went to the other side of the room. "It's ok honey I'm right here" she said as she opened a cupboard and brought out a cake, she took it over and sat down by him, breaking bits off she pushed the cake into his mouth and he chewed awkwardly the crumbs going all over his t shirt. He ate the entire cake, which she had baked with the addition of gain shake powder the cake had way more calories than regular cake.
Tabitha waited a while then she led her bloated boyfriend out of the nursery by his hand and took him home where she fed him another heavy meal laced with inhibitor medication which was reducing his mental capacity down to that of a toddler. He reached out for her breast and she let him suckle on there and watched as his belly expanded under his t shirt.
"Lets get you into bed baby" she whispered and led him up the stairs where she tucked him under the covers and he fell asleep his bloated belly pushing against his pyjama bottoms.
Tabitha sat down beside him and gently rubbed his back and shoulders and all over his body.
"You'll be my fat little boy" she whispered "it's only day one and you're already doing so well baby" she whispered "I'm going to make you so big and fat" she cupped her hand on his belly and jiggled it a little "my little immobile piglet" she smiled as she leant down and kissed him. She was happy with day one and could only imagine how big and dependant her Davey was going to get.
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