father knows best

chapter 1

"Oh, I am going to make them roly poly." Derek said, smirking slightly and pressing a hand on his wife's belly bump as she laid on the ground.

She felt turgid and tight beneath his fingers, and once he announced his plan, she would do anything to avoid it, even becomes the soft, jiggly woman he knew she could always be.

"I am going to forbid our daughters from doing any sports, I'll tell them that they have to focus on school work, after all a growing girl needs to focus on her education."

Derek tapped Aalia's mound of a stomach and chuckled to himself at the double meaning. His wife just stared at him, trying to ignore the gurgling from her poking out potbelly and the pain the accompanied it. She almost could not believe her husband would do anything like this to her children, especially after acting and raising them so health consciously.

Continuing his plan, Derek continued but not before enjoying the slight tapping noise his hand made against the overtaxed belly. His long-time fantasy of his hands sinking into a soft, plump belly, one his wife would sport, almost overwhelmed him.

"I know what you're thinking. We both aren't stupid. I've played along and raised our daughters to be like yourself: perfect, healthy, little vegetarians. I've kept them away from unhealthy snacks and desserts, greasy burgers and fattening foods, but I am going to show them everything that they have been missing. I'll start buying everything that you have depraved them of and their metabolism won't know what hit em. It will be a little bit of weight at first, they'll be slightly self-conscious of the excess pounds finding their ways onto their ever-softening bodies, but the food will be too good for them to stop. Our thin, little twigs are going to become flabby and happy. After the initial insecurity, the girls will act as if they always were big girls. Rubbing thighs, chubby cheeks, and double chins will feel rightly natural to them. They have my confidence after all."

Aalia covered her mouth with her slim, well-manicured hand to stifle the excess gas building up inside of her. She cringed and felt revolted at her only two daughters becoming like those overfed children and their parents she always criticized. She titles her angled chin and stared at Derek, high cheek bones set. She didn't want to reveal any worry on her toned and slim face.

"What about Michael? You have a plan for Caroline and Olivia becoming two little porkers, what about him?" Her body betrayed her and a loud gurgle erupted from her belly and she shut her eyes tight. She worried their son would fall into Derek's plan.
"Well," Derek finally stopped tapping his wife's belly and began massaging it. While much needed in relief, Ailia bit her lip so as to not moan in relaxation. She could not believe he had gotten her to eat so much. "He isn't a part of this. I have no plan to make my son chunky. His sisters on the other hand...you just heard my plans to make them nice and soft."

Aaila's worry for her son turned to anger at her husband and that anger turned to shouting. "I won't let you do this! I'll tell them! I can't believe you'd do this to your, our daughters! They'll hate you."

He had to bet his wife would be intimidated enough to not follow through with that plan. They most likely would side with their father, after all, just because he was buying them tasty yet high caloric snacks didn't mean he wanted them to fatten up, it just meant he cared for their well-being and happiness. Truth be told, Derek did care about his daughters very much. He did not mind if they plumped up but he was not deliberately rooting for them to fatten up. He just wanted to get his wife to gain, to become the soft, tender, loving, and albeit, very, very fat motherly woman he knew he could help her become. Aaila's stomach was stuffed with the meal he had prepared, but except for this moment, she never overindulged and it showed. There was almost zero fat on her body, from her breasts to her backside. Her thigh gap and slim neck were the envy of many women she met and Derek swore her collarbone and sharp hips could kill. She was a vegetarian all her life and exercised at the gym during and before Derek's time together. He exercised and ate healthily too, but since the day he met her, he wanted to turn that slim waist into a jiggly pillow. That flat ass into cushiony globes. When he kissed her goodnight, he wanted to see rosy, chubby cheeks and when he finally crawled into bed, unlike most people, he wanted his spouse to take most of the mattress up.

Although they fell in love during college, and having three children, the husband and wife felt their holy

matrimony beginning to unravel. They were less responsive to each other and sometimes curt. Derek knew that if he just rounded out Aalia, this problem would go away. She would be fat, and they would both be happy.

Grimacing, Derek responded deliberately slower to make his point across.

"They won't believe you. They'll just enjoy the snacks and think their mother is just worrying a bit too much. Unless..."

"Unless what?" Aaila asked, rolling her eyes. She knew that Derek always liked to overdramatize.

"Unless, you take the weight for them?" The ultimate goal finally revealed. Derek stopped rubbing her stomach.

Aaila was surprised but not shocked. She narrowed her eyes. "You want me to become...fat. And then you won't tubby up our daughters?" Aaila was processing the request in her head.

"They might fluff up a little. Think of it like a business deal that you would make at work. I'd say I could make our daughters gain 75 pounds apiece while I control the family's meal plans. That makes together 150 pounds of soft, jiggly flab. Think of it as a New Year's resolution, we did celebrate last night, though you wouldn't know it from the leftovers disappearing inside of you," Derek poked his wife's extended belly button causing her to let out a small burp. She swatted his hand away. "If you gain less than 75 pounds by the end of the year, then I'll never try this again. They'll be perfect, little vegetarians again and I'll pay to have both them and you slimmed back down through exercise or dieting, whatever you want. This house will go back to being a love handle free zone. Also, if you can gain 150 pounds before the girls gain 75 each, I'll give you the same deal. If they gain the weight before you, then you have to finish out the 150 pound gain no matter where you are and I control the family diet. Deal?" Derek extended his hand to his wife, raising his eyebrows, and awaited her reply.

Though the thought only flickered in her mind before now, she asked the question.

"What stops me from divorcing you right after this? Tell a court about all of your plans?"

Derek's smugness returned to his features.

"Well, years of court expenses, years of your life, and the possibility you'll lose. I'll sweeten the deal," Derek was taking a big risk disrupting his family like this but he had to hope she would feel differently by the end of this, "if you want a divorce at the end of this, IF you lose, then I'll sign whatever divorce papers you want." Derek folded his arms against his chest.

Aila shook her head. She was a businesswoman and made contracts all the time. She often had playful banter with her lawyer husband over who was the better debater and arguer.

"If I win or lose, I'll get the divorce papers signed. Take it or leave it. I can still try and go to court now and ruin your reputation. Also, you can't make the girls quit their sports. They have to do it willingly."

Derek exhaled through his nose. He acted like this was a problem but it was better to cement her into doing this deal now. He was willing to extend the terms to a win or lose scenario, but this way he made his wife choose to agree to more preferable terms for him."

"Deal." He thrusted his hand out again for a handshake.

"Deal." His wife shook his hand. "Now, help me up."

Derek pulled his wife up and she groaned as her lithe frame has to support this burgeoning belly. She arched her toned, yet somewhat weak back.

"By the end of one year, your body will match that belly and then some."

"Fat chance." Aaila turned and slowly labored to the door, rubbing her belly that poked out from beneath her small shirt. She mentally cringed at the image in her head of herself, thick and blubbery. She had to devise a plan to stop herself from falling prey to any of Derek's gaining


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