mama's little piggy

chapter 1

Vicky Harris sat in alone in an empty nursery, crying her eyes out and holding a cuddly teddy bear, her husband John holding her in his arms. Vicky and John had just got home from a heartbreaking trip to return their baby boy Aiden back to his birth mother.

This was their third failed adoption after more than ten failed pregnancies. Vicky remembered the call she got from the adoption agency, telling her that Aiden's birth mother had changed her mind. It was all over now. Vicky would never become a mother. She was sure of it.

Over the next couple of days, Vicky sat in the nursery almost all the time. She would sit in the rocking chair, and just rock back and forth with the teddy bear in her arms.

John felt sorry for his wife. He knew how much she desperately wanted a baby to love and care for. He did too, but Vicky's urge to become a parent was ten times stronger than his. John couldn't bear to see his wife so sad. So he passed the time by making meals for the two of them. Eating was the way that John eased his pain. He would make big meals and just eat and eat.

Vicky noticed John's eating habits. Then, she got an idea. She could be John's mother. She could feed him until he was so dependent on her that he was as helpless as an infant.

That day, Vicky went to the grocery store. She purchased two cartfulls of food, and brought it home. While John was taking a nap, Vicky set out all the food on the dining room table for him to eat. Then she woke up John and led him into the kitchen.

John sat down at the table. Vicky draped a large bib around his neck. "Are we eating ribs?", asked John hopefully. "Oh we're having much more than ribs, sweety," cooed Vicky, "Eat up".

Vicky fed John bowlfuls of mashed potatoes, platefuls of ribs and pot roast, and an entire Thanksgiving dinner meant for way more than one person. Vicky noticed that John's belly was protruding from his shirt. It was round and firm like a basketball. Three buttons popped off his button-down, and another button popped off his jeans.

After a while, Vicky had fed John all the food she had bought for him and much more. John was now immobile. His gigantic belly rumbled and roared in pain. He was too full to rub it, so Vicky did it for him. She smiled to herself as John let out a large belch. Her plan had worked. Her baby was finally home. She couldn't wait to be a mommy.

Vicky put John in the nursery crib. She watched as he fell asleep. Tomorrow, he would truly be her baby boy.
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I want to find out what happens next. Please make more chapters.
Not just decent...GREAT concept. Delicious, kinky motivation, _definitely_ needs expanding across several chapters at least.
hmmmstuff 1 month
This hits many of the right nerves for me. Please write more! smiley
Decent concept, but a little bit too brief.