feeding the masses

chapter 1

"When will they be done?"

"In just a couple minutes, Sir."

"My little girl is hungry. Can't you cook it faster?"

"I'm going as fast as I can, ma'am."

It was just another day at PriceCo Warehouse. I've been doing food demos for a couple years now, and it was always the same. Lots of starving, impatient, people.

"I won't buy it, unless I know what it tastes like!"

"Just give me a few moments, and they will be right out."

"I don't have time for this nonsense! I'm leaving!"

"Come back! Here they are! Hot, fresh, and on sale!"

Within seconds, the 12 samples of chicken breast nuggets disappeared into greedy mouths.

"Hey! They're all gone!"

"I have another hot batch coming right out! This 5 pound box of Harland's organic chicken breast nuggets is on sale for only $7.99. That's $4.00 off the regular price! This sale ends today, so buy it while supplies last!"

Another crowd gathers round. Their faces tell me they want the nuggets, not my pitch.

"Pick up a box for dinner tonight!"

As I place each hot nugget into white baking cups, hands start to grab them before I can finish.

"I'm taking one for my sister and brother.....and....two for me!"

"Hey! You can't...."

The empty tray brings more frowning faces. I've run out of frozen nuggets and need to open another bag. The pressure makes me start to sweat. I have 3 trays rotating in the convection oven and it's still not enough to meet the demand.

"Slow down big guy! You're going to have a heart attack!"

I look up and see this cute fat woman's face smiling at me.

"You're doing the best you can. We can wait."

"Thank-you very much, ma'am. New samples are coming right up!"

I put out two red trays of 12 nuggets, and they are gone in 60 seconds. I notice the nice fat woman didn't get any.

"I'm so sorry ma'am. I'll have some more out in just three minutes!"

She looks at my name tag.

"Don't worry about it, David. I have plenty of time. Oh, and my name is Bev.

"Thanks, Bev. It's been a bit crazy today.

The crowd went over to the other food demos when I said 3 minutes. They can't stand to wait around.

"I've seen you here a lot, David. You are one of the fastest demo people people at PriceCo. I appreciate that."

"Well, thank you, Bev. I do try and make everyone happy. But it's hard sometimes."

"I can imagine. But you look like you enjoy your work. You must enjoy feeding and eating."

That was a strange thing to say. Bev just kept smiling and looking at my bulging blue demo apron.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Un...yeah it is!" She laughed.

"Well....you don't look like you miss many meals either."

"I don't. I enjoy all 6 of them!"

"6? Are you kidding?"

"Well...3 main meals and 3 after meal snacks. I'm just a hungry girl."

"Yeah...I can see that. You look very healthy to me."

"Don't you mean very fat?"

"Ahhh...I don't want to be rude."

"It's OK. I am very fat. But so are you!"

In another circumstance, I might have protested. But Bev said it with a big smile on her face.

"Yeah....you got me. I'm pretty fat too. You were right about me enjoying feeding and eating."

"I knew it. I've been watching you."

"You have?"

"Yes. I have seen the way you stare at all the fat female customers. You even give them extra samples when you can."

"Please! Don't tell my boss! I can get fired!"

"Don't worry, David. I won't say a word if you give me 5 nuggets and your phone number."

I quickly wrapped up 5 nuggets in a paper towel and handed it to her.

"Now, write your phone number on this napkin!"

I did what I was told. But I was still a bit confused.

"Why do you want my number?"

Bev came around my steel cart and pressed her huge stomach against my apron. Her grinning face was just inches from mine.

"Use your imagination, fat boy. Just be ready to take my call!"

She shoved all 5 nuggets into her mouth and gulped them down. She turned around and waddled away with her shopping cart. That huge swaying butt of hers told me she was well over 300 pounds. I started to shake a bit.....from shock.

"Hey! When are the nuggets coming out?" said a new customer.

I regained my composure and wiped the sweat from my forehead.

"Just give me a moment, they are almost done!"

My shift was over in one hour. If Bev had been watching me, she may know that too. I better get home as fast as I can. I wanted to be ready for her call.
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FS43 17 hours
This story was really compelling loved both characters! Please continue this story!!
Sorry hylia
I didnít realize it was a pic of an FF member. I just found it on the internet. I have replaced it. My most sincere apologies.
-Chubby Tubby
hylia 2 days
Hey. You're using my picture without my permission. I'd like you to use something else please, before I contact an admin.
wisconfa 6 days
can't wait to read more !
Thank-you ObeseQueen.
I was hoping the readers might enjoy that aspect of the story.
Really enjoyed this story; the religious contrasts make it especially interesting. Thank you!
Thanks for all the great comments. Iím looking at you godan and Bella! Iíve just started writing a new story, but Iíll continue the David and Bella saga soon. Maybe even sooner if I get more comments.
would love to read more about these two
This is incredibly hot and sensuous - love the mutual feeding - thank you!
godan2056 2 weeks
I'm sad that I can only like this story once, it's very fascinating.
vegaaa 2 weeks
at the most interesting moment
I love it!! Especially how bev is taking charge!!! Keep it up!
godan2056 3 weeks
I am absolutely loving this story.
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Fun and heartwarming story, definitely look forward to the next chapter.
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