santa baby

chapter 1 introducing mrs claus

Staring up the giant candy canes my bags by my side snow everywhere. None of it falling, ironically I thought it would happen when I got here. Oh....wait I should mention where I am. I tend to go off on a tangent when I am nervous. I wonder if I should introduce myself or should I let my lovely readers discover me as the story unfolds. Maybe I will maybe I won't because as a wise woman once said " a woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets " wink. Anyway getting back to the story, I happened the mention the candy canes and snow....well I am the next Mrs. Claus.

I come from a long line of women who are born to become the big guy's wife. No pun intended there. But the trend stopped a generation or two ago, but I was told by my grandma a long time ago that I would be the next in line. So here I am at the north pole freezing waiting for someone to escort me inside. Then by some miracle, I saw someone coming towards me and yes it was an elf pointy hat and everything.

" Hello, there you must be Miss Deveraux. A pleasure to meet you I'm Barnaby I will escort you inside, don't worry about your bags someone will bring them inside soon come with way". Finally inside and out of this snow. Following Barnaby inside, I couldn't help but hear the sound of chattering and singing and the unmistakable smell of baking something sweet and Christmas like.

And the sight I saw next was amazing. There were tonnes more elves working on making toys, running about bringing tools and mugs of what looked like hot chocolate around. Walking down the steps towards the factory floor I felt more at ease. Was I nervous....worried.....about being married to a man I've never met before? Nope....I was completely terrified.

Taking off my hat and gloves I let my long brunette hair down, suddenly everyone went quiet and I looked around slightly wondering if there was someone behind me or if I myself had done something. I whispered to Barnaby who was right beside me " So what did I do to make everyone look so terrified?" tucking some hair behind my ear I put my hat and gloves into my coat pocket. " Miss Deveraux you are to be the next Mrs. Claus....that means you're the boss's wife. Meaning you are our boss and have to tell us what to do. Maybe if you speak to the other elves they might not look so terrified" That was comforting. Not in the place five minutes and already I'm a terrifying person.

Across the room, I saw a grand regal-looking red and gold staircase that had big doors at the top. Holding my head up high and walking through the crowd of elves I made my way to the bottom of the staircase and spoke as loud as I could " I don't know if many of you have heard anything about me. I am to be the next Mrs. Claus I am going, to be honest with you all I don't know how to be a wife to any man...let alone the big guy upstairs who hopefully isn't listening to me make a complete ass of myself *I smiled to myself looking around the room* let alone be the Mrs. Claus. I'm going to make mistakes but if you guys can help me I will make sure to help you " I held my breathe for a minute waiting to see the reaction of the elves.

Then everyone started clapping and cheering for me. I felt such relief because I'll be honest I've no clue what I'm doing right now. Which is why I was thankful that Barnaby came over to me " Miss Deveraux, please come this way I will show you to your temporary room for tonight. I'm sure you'd like to freshen up and relax before meeting boss man tomorrow". As a matter of fact, I was exhausted and I didn't think "my husband to be" seeing me in jeans converse and a leather jacket would be the best impression to give. But if he can't handle me from my worst then he doesn't deserve me at my best.

Wait....what did....temporary room? Walking along the corridor that was decorated much like the toy room we'd just come from tones of gold and red candy canes adorning the wall pictures of Mrs.Claus's from the past. Stopping to look at a few I saw that the women looked happy and settled standing next to their husbands. I couldn't help but wonder if I and the "boss man" as Barnaby so affectionately called him would be the same. "Miss this way please, " said Barnaby pulling me back to reality. He leads me to a lovely looking room.

Big comfy looking bed faux fur blankets adorning the bed and my bags somehow at the end of the bed. Kicking off my converse I unzipped my jacket and threw it in a nearby chair sitting on the bed I looked around wondering if this was a good idea. " I shall leave you to get settled Miss and tomorrow I will give you a wake up call to meet boss man good night" Barnaby said with a smile. Leaving me to think. It was all settling in that I would be Mrs. Claus. I couldn't help but ponder as I got into bed would my intended be as depicted....tall white beard....big and jolly. Well readers we shall find out tomorrow wont we ;)
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Fun to read
td0057 4 days
Really enjoy your writing style, and the story starts well. Don't make us wait too long...
ccwolf60 1 week
Very good story, can't wait for more.
I take that as a compliment smiley
Oh my goodness, that cliff hanger was rude!♥️♥️♥️