a trip to the clinic


"Wake up! Breakfast time!" said a female voice. "Come on, the foods going to get cold!" said the voice again. "Shut up! I'm coming!" was yelled back at the voice, which came from a male teen. "Sheesh mom, why do you have to be so annoying". No answer was given to the question, just silence. "Great. Now she's mad. I better hurry downstairs then". The male teen started to get out of bed. It took him some tries, but he managed to get in a sitting position after the third try. The young teen roared a loud yawn and stretched his arms into the air and heaved himself out of bed. The teen walked his way to his closet door and opened it. On the inside of the closet door was a mirror and the teen faced the mirror and saw himself. What the teen saw in return was a flabby pale bodied that seems to spend too much time inside playing video games and too little time outside doing any physical activity. The teens belly was covered in stretch marks that a pregnant woman would have in the late stages of their pregnancy; angry and deep red. On top of his belly rested what is known to be a chest, but instead look like two d-cup breasts. The teen faced forward and looked at his face: chubby with double chins that are working on a third. A loud sigh was let out of the teens mouth as he glanced at the mirror one last time before looking upon his wardrobe to find his outfit for the day.

"Aw, shit. Mom just bought me this two months ago and it already doesn't fit. If she was angry before, she's going to be furious now" said the teen as he looked at the mirror and saw that the red stripped shirt his mother recently bought him was clinging to his love handles and showcasing every roll and how fat he was. "It's the only clean shirt I have for today. I'll have to ask mom to do laundry" the teen said as he was tugging downward at his shirt in hopes that it wouldn't cling to his body so much. "Guess this'll have to work for today" and with that the teen pulled up his pants past his thighs (which were fitting for room in his jeans) and made his way downstairs.

*Huff..,huf...hufff* "I should take it easy with the stairs next time" said the out of breath teen as he reached the bottom of the stairs and tried to catch his breath. The teen raised a hand to his forehead and wiped the little beads of sweat that were forming. As the young boy made his way to the kitchen, he had hopes that his mother prepared a typical Saturday morning breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs. His mouth watered at the thought of such delicious foods, but as he got closer to the kitchen he noticed a different kind of smell; a boiling smell. He knew what the smell was: it was oatmeal. As he approached the kitchen he saw his mother sitting down and already eating a hearty bowl of oatmeal with nuts, dried fruit and honey while reading her book. "Oh great, you finally made it. Sit down and eat with me" said the mother as she pointed at the teens bowl of oatmeal with her spoon. The the groaned as he sat down at the table and saw his bowl of oatmeal awaiting him. "Couldn't you have made something else?" he said as he started playing with his the oatmeal using the spoon. "No" responded the mother "Oatmeal is good for you. Doesn't have a lot of calories, is full of nutrition and if you want you can add some honey for some extra sweetness". "The teen pushed the bowl away from him after his mother finished her advertisement on the oatmeal "I'll pass". "Hmph" grunted the mother "Maybe skipping a meal would also be good for you. You didn't think I noticed how tight that new shirt fits you now?" said the mother in a harsh demeanor. The teen looked down at his body as the shirt was hugging it so tightly. "Jesus, Adam. It's like you're not even trying with the diets your dad and I have been putting you on" said the mother in a tone of anger. "I know mom, but I am trying, honest" said Adam. "Look, diets aren't the best thing for me. You know that too. So I did some research and there's a weight loss clinic in town that can help me" Adam said with a slight tone of implement. *Gasp* "You don't mean weight loss surgery?! I know you're overweight, but don't you think that's too much?" said the mother with genuine concern. "I looked into it and it's not very invasive. They just put a band on my stomach and that'll stop me from overeating, which is my problem. I already have an appointment set today and 12pm for a consultation with a doctor". "Jesus, I can't believe we let it get this far..." the mother put her hands to cover her face in shame. "It's not your fault that I'm fat and it's not mine either, I just have a problem; and a solution too" Adam knew his mother was distraught. He stood up from his chair and walked over to her to bring her some comfort. *Sigh* "Look, it's 10:50, I better get going" Adam said as he rubbed his mothers back. "Isn't it a bit early?" she said "I want to be there on time. If I the doctor doesn't think I need surgery then I'll go harder on the diets, I promise". Adam then went towards the door, slid on his sandals and left.
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Bbman26 2 months
Ohh whatís the doc going to tell him? Canít wait for more
Knightorder 2 months
This is a very well-done bit of fiction. I look forward to future chapters.
davetb 2 months
So happy you've continued this
Tommmy 3 months
Great so farÖ Please continue soon I canít wait to see how huge he will become. Maybe some hypnotism?
Keori 3 months
Can't wait to see him even more huge and more unhealthy. Wonderful, keep it up!
I'm hooked - I want to know what happens next - keep going!
Porker101 4 months
Please continue i love this