princess piggy.

chapter 1

"Hi welcome to mc Donald's how can I take your order?"

"Uh yea hi, I'll have the... salad pot, 4 chicken nuggets and.. I'll be naughty and get a small strawberry milkshake!" Charlotte, Rachel's sister turned her head quickly towards Rachel.

She mouthed- 'do you want anything?' And Rachel shook her head no sighing slightly.

Charlotte shrugged and continued to move her car around the restaurant drive-thru. She paid and then grabbed her small amount of food and they were back on the road.

"Who even orders a salad at MCDONALDS?.." Rachel said sounding a little annoyed at her sisters petite order.

"I'm trying to watch my weight what's so bad about that?" Charlotte said sipping her little milkshake and indicating left.

Rachel stayed quiet for a while. She wasn't usually this stressy, but today was a big day. Her first day at college. Rachel had just turned 18 a few months ago, her older sister Charlotte was 20. Most people Rachel's age had started college in September, but Rachel was elsewhere at that point. She was at a weight loss camp. She had decided to go when she got a rude comment from her uncle. He had told her that she was turning into a bit of a "butterball" and it had really effected her. Charlotte and their mum and dad had told her to just shake it off and that she was 'perfect in every way' but Rachel really was a butterball. Weighing in at 314lbs she'd decided to make a change to her lifestyle.

Unfortunately the whole "weight loss camp" thing was a bit of a sham.Most of the staff where bigger themselves and just sat around smoking all day. The canteen contained the healthy or unhealthy option, as you can guess the healthy option was left untouched for the most time, rachel returned home last week having only lost about 4 pounds. And that was really only because the canteen was uphill.

So now Charlotte was driving Rachel to her new college. Rachel didn't really have many friends in general let alone any in this college, so she was more worried about the social aspects of things this following year. She felt physically sick inside knowing that she hadn't lost a single bit of weight seen as she'd gained it all back when her family had thrown her a feast for her return home, she was still a 'butterball' and she probably weighed even more then 314lbs now. Deep down Rachel knew that this year wouldn't be very good, fat girls and boys get made fun of, and Rachel- was definatly a fat girl.

Rachel looked over at Charlotte, she was so perfect in every way. She'd always been the tree infront of Rachel's tree, shadowing her every move, ever since they were kids Charlotte had always been more popular, more pretty, more amazing at something, more skinnier. Sipping on her little shake, her blond hair wisping back from the air being blown into the car through the window, her tiny waist and big boobs. She was dressed causally and still looked flawless.

Rachel on the over hand wore a forest green t shirt with some navy tight jeans, all of which where way to small for her but she just didn't want to except it. Her hair was blond too, but more of a dirty blond, a boring shade even. Her face in itself was pretty, but her double chin always seased to take that away from her. She wore a long black cardigan that was ripped and stretched on her big arms. The only thing that stood out about her were her stunning blue eyes, which shimmered and glazed over, much like a donut her uncle used to say whenever someone in the family mentioned them to try and make Rachel feel better about herself.

Rachel was thinking of that particular comment as Charlotte pulled up at her new college. She felt sick but didn't want to let it show. When she saw that over 80% of the students walking around outside where gorgeous, slim and casual and the guys all hot and buff, her heart seemed to sink down even more.

"This is it! You need help with getting anything out the car?" Charlotte said, looking like she didn't really want to help anyway.

"No, I'll be fine. Thanks for the ride, later Char." Rachel replied taking a deep breath then getting out slowly, hoping the car wouldn't move upwards too much from her weight being lifted off.

Rachel grabbed a carrier and placed her bags from the car for her room on there and headed for the doors breathing heavily, from nervousness, and from 300 pounds of fat.
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Thanks so much!!
markb 3 days
Wow,such an awesome story!Cant wait to read the next chapter smiley
Itís not as humiliating as some stories Iíve written before but thanks.
Desmond 3 days
I like it! I like your writing style. Typically Iím not generally a fan of a scenario where a fat girl gets teased or humiliated, but I like the way youíre handling this and Iím eager to see where this goes. Keep up the good work. Itís yummy.
Pu7 4 days
Lovely story! Can't wait to read more
Thank you so much that means a lot! I understand that sadistic stories arenít for everyone but Iím so glad youíre liking it! - youíre right about Rachelís new side coming out too! smiley
Please continue. This is well-written. Generally, I don't personally enjoy stories that are sadistic or mean-spirited, but the way you're setting this up, it seems the two girls will be bringing out a side of Rachel that was always there deep down, but
Thank you, thatís what Iím going for! Unsure if I should continue or just leave it.
Hot chapter - I like the complexities of the interactions and that they have to find the ways to work her into doing what they want.
Thank you so much that means loads to me! X
Zurea 1 week
Love it! Keep going I can't wait to see them get a hold of her~
Porker101 2 weeks
Keep going - good start! I want more. smiley