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This wasn't typical of Bianca. Nothing she'd ever really thought about doing. Surprising in retrospect, as she'd always been able to, she'd even had similar fantasies, but the pieces just never connected in her head. Now, here she was; in her house, on a cold winter day, and there lie her crush pinned beneath her in a stunned silence. No restraints, no drugs, and yet he was powerless beneath her both from physical factors as well as the sheer bewilderment at the events that had come to be within a matter of seconds.
Bianca was one of those, "Lucky" girls. She could eat, and eat, and eat and never seemed to gain a pound. Bianca was 5' 11" 121 lbs at her heaviest, and never had to work for it. Her hair was long and dark, with dark brown eyes to match, naturally slim with darkened untanned smooth skin and pronounced Latino features. Her hips were naturally wide and her ass and breasts firm with no tummy to show. Bianca had plenty of admirers, but as time went on she became more and more reluctant to speak with them. She knew she was thin, she knew she was pretty, and that's all that anyone ever seemed to say. That or they'd immediately jump to sex. Not that Bianca didn't like sex, but seriously at least show a little class.
Bianca had just finished her lunch; a 4 course meal of salad, appetizer, a pasta dish main course, and dessert. The waiter who had served her today; Jim, had watched her single handedly conquer the entire meal, and not for the first time. She was a regular here; and he wasn't sure what bewildered him more; the fact that such a tiny girl could put that much away, or that she could afford to eat like that so many times in a week. Others had made such comments to Bianca, to which she would always smile politely; but never Jim. He said nothing. He always found such conversation to be uncomfortable. For this reason Bianca often requested him; he was polite, didn't stare like the other guys, it was refreshing. He was always sure to bring her what she wanted, always tended to her well, never got her order wrong, and listed to everything she had to say. Jim was attractive, though Bianca was hesitant to speak to him at first, then overtime she began to become more comfortable around him. Even began trying to strike up conversation, though this did not prove an easy task while he was at work. Today by the time she'd finished her meal, she'd probably talked to Jim, the most she'd ever been able to; and today were two firsts for Bianca. The first time she'd asked out a guy, and the first time she'd been turned down. All within a matter of seconds.
8:30 p.m. hours after her rejection. Bianca was home alone. She stood, watching herself in her vanity mirror. Her belly just slightly protruding out, a very slight, almost unnoticeable amount of pudge; and she could feel the corners of her mouth curling into an involuntary smile. 'Beautiful', she thought without realizing. This was a nightly occurrence, something she'd done every night for too many years to count. She slapped it, and watched the very faint jiggle, and bit her lower lip. Then she stopped herself. 'No', she thought, 'It's unnatural.' and she focused, and within the blink of an eye that little bit of pudge was gone and her belly flat as before. This power that Bianca had was something she discovered early on in life. She wondered where it had come from, but largely kept it to herself. She considered it a secret blessing. It took only moments and no matter how much she gained it was gone. Sometimes in highschool she would let some extra fat remain in her breasts and ass, though she grew out of that phase in college. Though there had been the occasion where Bianca had done so for dates, or just to see how she would look in differently proportioned clothes.
Despite the rejection Bianca was not deterred and over the course of weeks she did eventually wear Jim down. She was a nice girl, and it wasn't that Jim didn't like her. Jim wasn't exactly the brightest when it came to these things; he was a fairly young guy, and not always aware of any woman's interest in him. So when Bianca had asked him out, he was quite surprised, and not sure how to take it. But she was persistent, and if she was not only willing to ask him, but willing to do so that many times she had to be special. He finally said yes and despite his cool and calm demeanor he was as giddy as Bianca was.
The date went well. Bianca was a tad nervous, though she ate like always so not to let Jim know it. He'd seen her eat before, and said yes, surely this wouldn't be weird. -- Looking back, Bianca wasn't sure why she didn't consider that as the cause of his hesitation, though it hardly mattered now. -- They left together, and Jim took Bianca home; she invited him in, but he insisted that he was unsure of that being a good idea. He went home leaving Bianca confused and a bit disappointed. Everything had gone so well up to that point, what the hell happened? She supposed that it was rather arrogant of her to expect sex from him on a first date, but never before had this happened. Man, this guy is just full of firsts. Bianca went inside, unsure of what to do. She really expected that he would come in; most guys were more than ready by this point, and now she didn't know what to do. Over confident as it was to assume a sure thing, she had nothing else planned and couldn't bring her thoughts to anything else. Bianca undressed, stripping down to her Bra and Panties. Her eyes glazed over with lust as she looked at that little bit of pudge that had returned. Then curiosity came to her. Something she'd never really thought about before. She focused and her belly began to grow. She kept focusing until her 6 pack abs were entirely hidden beneath a slight pudge. She smiled excitedly and then focused once more; vaguely aware that she was becoming aroused. Her B cup bra began to tighten, then her panties. She removed both so not to stretch them. Then she began to experiment. How would she look with a pot belly? She smiled and focused; she stroked her clit unconsciously as her belly began to stick out further. She looked at her face, her cheekbones and in an instant she had chubby cheeks; She couldn't help but smile. Then her hips began to widen further; and her breasts became fuller. She gasped as pleasure shot through her like electricity, Never had she let herself get so chubby, let herself be so free. She fell back on her bed, as her legs began to buckle, she still felt her body growing, her big round ass against the sheets, and she gripped the mattress as she climaxed.
Bianca lie back against her bed-board, admiring her newly found chubbiness. She looked in the mirror smiling as she played with her belly and biting her lip. She felt different. Powerful. Like a goddess. Then ashamed. She focused and slimmed back to her original size. 'What the Hell is wrong with me?' she wondered, 'Am I insane?!' Bianca pushed it to the back of her mind, preferring not to think about it, and she went to bed early.
In the following weeks there was a second date, third, and fourth; as well Bianca and Jim began to semi-casually hang out. Bianca dropped subtle hints, and Jim remained oblivious. Much to the bewilderment of Bianca, Jim either didn't seem to get it, or didn't seem to care. It wasn't until one evening, when the couple were at Jim's house that Bianca made a very unnerving discovery. Bianca had come over by surprise, bringing with her a movie that she'd purchased on a whim. Jim was on his laptop and seemed a bit nervous when Bianca showed up. -- Which he played off as surprise. -- he made an excuse to head to the bathroom as Bianca set up the movie, but her mind was on something else now. Jim had left his laptop open, and when he was gone she took a quick peek. Her jaw dropped at what he saw on the screen. So many images; women, big women; the smallest had to be 280 lbs at least! It all made sense now, and Bianca slowly made her way to the front door, then drove back to her house. She had no idea what she would say to Jim, how she would explain why she just left; but she couldn't just ignore the elephant in the room. Jim -- Jim was a FREAK! Bianca's phone vibrated a couple of times while she drove, though Jim had only texted her once. "Were r u?", Bianca didn't answer. What would she say? What could she say? Should she even talk to him? Should she not go back to that restaurant anymore? Why would he look at THOSE women? Is that what he's into?! She didn't know what to do.
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TJBHM 1 week
I loved this story. Good work. Keep adding to it if you can.
chrisart 2 weeks
I really liked this. it would be nice if you could make it so each time they met she grew herself a little until he suspected something was a miss.

Then maybe each time she grew should conldnt get all the way back down it her original weight... so... s
Jazzman 2 weeks
This is good writing.If you could add just some indentation to define the paragraphs it would be even better.Great story and well written.
Good start i can just picture her going too far and losing her ability