twin villages

twin villages - part 1

I was born in a small village
With many stone houses huddled together
And a tall mill playing the role of a watchtower
Three sides of the village were bathed by the ocean
And the remaining path was blocked by a hill
On the hill stood a little temple
Where matrimonies and funerals were chanted and celebrated
And from the other side of the hill lied another village
That resembled very much mine in appearance
With a beacon tower instead of a mill
The two villages could not function one without another
Since they shared one mill and one harbour and a single temple in between
To reinforce the ties between their peoples
Custom was to take your spouse from the opposite village
And that's what happened to me as my parents deemed me old enough to get married
We both were eighteen year old when our nuptial were celebrated
We were given a house in my village, as my family was quite wealthy
And my wife was ordered not to bear a child before reaching adulthood at her twenty-first birthday
For the custom in our villages wishes the spouses to become friends and companions in life before to become lovers
At the time we were two skinny, scrawny kids who barely knew each other
We both had had very little experience with the other sex
And so we moved our large house as too shy ghosts who barely spoke with one another
As we slept in different bedrooms our only times together was during meals
We were served by my old maid and then we were left to ourselves
The table was always laden with as many courses as to nourish an entire family
But we both had a modest appetite and chatted quietly about our days or about our previous life that we both regretted
A few days, weeks passed, uneventful, each day resembling the previous one
My calling was carving and I passed all my free time giving life to pieces of wood and stone
Her calling was drawing and whenever I crossed her through the house, the roof terrace or the small garden she was always carrying her sketchbook and her watercolours
Until one day at the end of a meal she demanded me if she was at my taste
I replied I supposed so, as we both were quiet and dreamy and had artistic callings
She then asked if she attracted me physically
That was the question I feared the most because even though her face was lovely I didn't feel attracted to her
Being honest by nature, that was my reply, adding that attraction would surely come in time
She said that she wasn't attracted by me either, adding that it wasn't a bad thing in itself, since it would make it easier to resist for three years
After saying that she reserved herself a portion of the rich, sweet cream that we usually barely touched
And then another one, and she served herself a plate full with chocolate biscuits
I watched her eating, surprised of her sudden appetite
She ate slowly with gracious movements, yet she seemed coldly determined to finish her plates
And when I thought she was finished she served herself a glass of milk and cut herself two pieces of cake
All the while she didn't look into my eyes, focused on eating her second, sweet meal
She asked me suddenly if it attracted me to see her eating
I hadn't realized until then I was turned on by her behaviour, and I blushed
She rose from her chair, and brought it closer to me, and placed her hand on my hardening manhood
Suddenly she wasn't anymore the shy girl I thought she was, but a determined, lustful woman
And she drank her milk and ate her cake, one slow bite after another
She took my hand, and placed it on her hardened stomach that formed the slightest of bump because of all the food she was ingurgitating
Through all my body I desired to see her to eat more, and as though she sensed that too, she served herself another glass of milk and took a second bowl of sweet cream to accompany it with a piece of bread she crushed inside
I caressed and massaged her full stomach while she continued eating
Feeling my manhood on fire as it had never been in my entire life because of the combined action of her eating, and knowing caresses
Finally she was done eating, and she took my arm and invited me to her bedroom
There we laid down on the bed and she caressed me until I reached my height and orgasmed
Then I tried to caress her, but my hands were not as nimble as hers and she gently pushed them away and reached her orgasm on her own, while I caressed her belly
We parted and each went to sleep
I was excited yet shy to see her again the next afternoon for lunch
But she ate normally and did not mention what had happened the previous night
It's only for dinner that she started gorging herself on food
She served herself three plates of rice instead of one
Then she took a lot of cheese with bread and milk
And she devoured all the plates of pastries and cookies, as sweets were her favourite
This time I came closer to her and caressed her without her invitation
And then we went to her bedroom
Each of the following days for around two months was similar to the one I've described
I realized the thought of her putting on weight excited me, and I looked for signs of a weight gain I couldn't find
Even though I never saw her entirely nude, as she only denuded her womanhood when we went to her bedroom
That night her appetite was particularly good
She had asked a tray of fried potatoes and eggplants which she ate entirely
And she devoured two plates of pasta with cream
And she had scrambled eggs with pork meat and parsley
Then she attacked herself to sweet courses, the fried pastries with carob molasses, the rich thick cream, and several glasses of milk
She still ate elegantly, but slightly faster, as though her appetite had increased
And that night I noticed her frame was slightly more rounded
She was skinny still, but her breasts looked a little larger and softer
Her ass was not anymore flat and her belly protruded slightly
I caught her hips in the bedroom and kissed her, for the first time letting myself go to my attraction
She kissed me back and held my back, my ass
Her hands put all my body on fire
Her caresses reawakened sensations that I had thought dormant, that I didn't even know existed
My belly touched her slightly rounded full belly, her tender breasts pressed on my flat chest, my manhood pushed against her womanhood, my hands were on her thighs, on her ass, on her hips, on her shoulders
We kissed and kissed and suddenly I started unclothing her, and she started unclothing me, and we removed the separation of fabric that wasn't even in barrier so much our bodies had been already awakened
We lay down naked on the bed and I caressed with my manhood what I coined in my head as her minor grotto, as opposition to the main cave
For a long time I continued my rhythmic motion, my body pressed against hers
Until we climaxed and orgasmed at nearly the same time
And it was the most agreeable sensation I had ever felt
And as I lay still on the bed she wiped her womanhood and mine with a handkerchief
And she smiled slightly to me, a sad, strange smile
And I went away to sleep wondering what that smile meant
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I'm really enjoying this - it has an exotic feel to it and the feeding is sensuous. Keep writing. smiley