the idol of the fetish goddess

chapter 1

Maria was an explorer. She went to different lands and had taken many treasures. She was about 5ft 11, and had quite the average body type. She often wore a leather coat, a button down shirt, and a pair of light brown pants. She had been all over the world at this point. But one day, her life had changed dramatically. One day, she was reading a magazine about Africa and found a treasure mentioned in the text that she had never heard of before.
"It is said that your life will change the second you touch it"
She read.
"Well...suppose we have a look then."
She said to herself. And soon enough she was flying herself to Africa. She had pinpointed on a map where the temple would be and flew right to it.

When she entered the temple it was dark. There were ancient writings on the walls and carved pictures. She couldn't read what it said however. It seemed to be a dead language. She made her way deeper and deeper into the dark damp temple. Surprisingly enough, there weren't any booby traps inside to stop her, but then, she found it. It was the idol. It seemed to be the depiction of a rather fat woman with giant breasts and a big ass. Without thinking, maria grabbed the idol. That was a mistake. A light shined from it. And what appeared before her was a fat woman in robes with a crown.

All maria could do was look at her. She was the goddess depicted in the idol.
"Thank you for freeing me..."
She said to Maria. She then asked for her name.
"Maria Lovett."
She replied.
" a reward for freeing me You will be my daughter..."
She said to her.
Maria asked.
"You will become as fat and horny as me...this will be your reward.."
She said.
"No thanks. I'm just here for the idol."
She tried to step away but the doorway became blocked.
"Take my hand, my dear daughter."
The goddess said as she held out her hand. Maria had no choice. She took it and she was transported to a giant castle. The goddess made maria lay down on a bed as subjects came in with all sorts of fruit to feed to their princess. What will become of maria?
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Ryan100000 2 weeks
Awesome story
Interesting and imaginative. Can't wait for the next chapter!