my girlfriend, best-friend, faerie sister and soulmate

chapter 1

My girlfriend has started stuffing for me
It's been one year and a couple of months we're together
Before that she already was my best friend
And one pleasant night of summer while we were sitting on the benches of an empty café
I had started telling her I had a weird sexual fantasy
She wanted to know more about it, she had already told me about her past, bad, relationships
But I had some troubles mustering the courage to put it in words
I was afraid of her judgement
But she was the sweetest of creatures when she heard my confession
That I was turned on by girls who put on a bit of weight, like three, five or ten kilograms
By girls who were a little curvy
She laughed and told me I was really cute and she expected something way worse
From the embarrassed way I was formulating my confession
I told her it had always been a thorn in my foot
I wanted to get rid of this strange thing, but it stuck to me
Fortunately at the time I had stopped masturbating three months before, and during these three months I hadn't thought about my fetish
Which was quite incredible as it had never happened to me since I was a kid

A couple of months later, we started being attracted
We hesitated to live this attraction since we both love two other persons
Me the writer I love another writress, she the paintress loves another painter
But those two persons kept on rejecting and eluding us
So meanwhile, since the attraction was very strong, we decided to live it between us
I had never had a sexual or romantic relationship at the time, despite being already twenty five
I had been too much of an idealist all my life, and yet I was also turned on by this weird fantasy of mine
I read stories, watched videos, I tried to stop myself but couldn't
And always wondered if I'd ever be capable of having a real relationship with a woman
I had strong ideals about love though, I knew there was a special girl for me somewhere in the world, this writress girl I already mentionned (you can read that story on my blog)
But it was impossible to reconcile my fetish and my love ideals
So, back to my relationship with my best friend the paintress
We started living out our attraction
And slowly my fear of sexuality started leaving me
And I discovered she had another fear, the need of pleasing her partner before pleasing herself
For one year and two months we experimented, slowly growing into our understanding of ourselves and the other
Our friendship further grew and deepened, if such a thing is possible
Until a point when she became ready to live my fantasies
Not only to please me, but because it attracts her too
It attracts her to see me so strongly attracted
She already knew I was sometimes attracted to her after we had eaten, even when we had already fulfilled our desire a couple of hours before
She knew I was attracted to her shapeliness, she's thin but not skinny
She used to be skinny when I didn't know her
But for one year she worked at the mcdonald and gained a bit of weight
She was 48 kgs at the start, and when she told me all this story she said she was 54, which is not much for her 165 cm
Since she's quite sporty, her body is very healthy, just a bit shapely, like ancient renaissance women in paintings used to be
During the year we've dated I often cooked for her since I like cooking
Very healthy things, I don't like meat much, so more of grains and feculents and a lot of vegetables
Perhaps I was serving her too large portions, as I'm a man and she's a woman
And I gave her nearly equal portions to mine
Perhaps she liked too much my cooking
Perhaps numbers aren't correct simply, since mathematics isn't her strong
But she "gained" 2 kgs over a year bringing her to 56
I had never tried consciously or unsconsciously fattening her up
I didn't need that to be attracted to her
In the process her belly sticks a little bit more, but I believe it already stuck a bit when we started our physical relationship
She sometimes accused me of fattening up, when she's angry with me or insecure
But she knows it's not the truth
I tell her her tiny belly is probably due to the fact that she did some pole dance after the mcdonald gain to muscle herself, then stopped
Anyway, she started accepting it and liking it since it is more womanly
What I'd like to highlight too is that since before the beginning of our relationship she told me she didn't like to shave her body hairs
And I encouraged her to keep them
And even when we moved together I still encouraged her to keep them
Why should women cut their body hair in such a frantic way when men don't?
I love her as she is, naturally beautiful
So we grew in confidence
And a couple of months ago, for the first time I encouraged her to eat a few biscuits and chocolates just before having sex
I knew she wanted to do so, but was afraid
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ThinIce 2 days
This story has made me feel a huge existential crisis. It's an interesting perspective on life.
enzo-bardi 3 weeks
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