peppermint fatty (formerly perfect and plump)

chapter 1 - model behaviour

Pepper's eyes scanned the hallway nervously. All along one wall were plastic seats, with each taken by a different girl. The ad had said the agency was normally at capacity, but it seemed too good a deal to pass up.
Ever since she was a child, she had dreamed of being a model. She had tried modelling contests before, but never gotten very far. This time, she told herself, it was going to be different. At 25 years old, her body had finally gained its feminine shape, with her wide hips and more than ample breasts.
"Pepper Gellman?" a woman's voice called from the room down the hall. She stood up, adjusted her skirt, then slowly made her way down the hall.
"Hi, how are you?" the woman smiled.
"Great, thanks."
"My name is Maria Yannis, I'll be conducting your interview today."
She was led into the room, and the woman gestured for her to sit on the chair in front of her desk.
"Now Pepper, I have looked over your shots and I think you have great potential," Maria's face grew slightly more serious, "but you aren't what we're looking for right now."
"Oh," Pepper said in a quiet, dejected manner, "may I ask why?" It wasn't like her to be this bold, but she had come all this way and didn't want it to be for nothing.
"Well, the fact of the matter is you don't quite fit the types of model we hire at this agency. You see, we have fashion models, runway models, commercial models and plus-size models. Unfortunately your body type restricts you from becoming any of those."
"That's disappointing but I understand. Is there anything I can do that would perhaps mean I could secure a job in the future?"
"Well, it's up to you. If you wanted a career in most types of modelling, you'd have to lose weight."
"I am afraid so. Most of our models don't quite have as much...well, of a figure as you do."
"I see. Well, thank you for your time."
Maria stood up and led Pepper to the door.
"I'm sure you'll find something, and who knows? Maybe if you gain a few pounds you could make it as a plus-size model!" Maria was clearly joking, but the words still stuck in Pepper's mind as she drove home.
When she arrived back at her apartment, Pepper flopped down on her bed and sighed. She had been so sure this was her chance. Maybe Maria was onto something though. She got up and walked over to the mirror. She hurriedly took off everything but the black bra and panties she had been instructed to wear for the interview, in case she was asked to take more pictures.
"Hmm..." she muttered as she looked at her reflection. Sure enough, she certainly wasn't skinny enough to be your average model. Perhaps being a plus-size model wouldn't be so bad. She loved eating, and what harm would there be in gaining a little weight? She had always wondered what she would look and feel like if she was fatter.
She darted over to her desk and began searching ways to gain weight on her laptop. Lots of sites came up with information on how to gain muscle mass, but very little on gaining fat.
After scrolling through dozens of pages, she was ready to give up. Then she saw one that piqued her interest.
This site seemed different. It was advertising a retreat that focused on body positivity and "progression towards one's ideal body". She clicked on the gallery, and to her delight there were before and after pictures of people who had visited and gained the body they wanted, most of which went from thin to fat. A lot of them were a lot smaller than her when they started, so she figured that she'd be at her ideal weight in no time. The only way to book was via the site, so she clicked the calendar icon and chose that Saturday. She entered her details, and a message popped up telling her that she would receive a consultation phonecall within 48 hours.
All she had to do was wait.
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ccboi 2 days
Really interesting the way the story turned out. I'm looking forward to continuation, the romance is just too cute. I hope she can beat her record weight yet!
Im happy for them after all pepper has been through she deserves something like this.😊
Jazzman 3 days
Chapter 20 also amazing
Peppermint Fatty is reborn and I love it
Jazzman 3 days
Really good story. Chapter 19 is terrific
caprica6 4 days
I discovered this story late, and I'm sorry I didn't find it sooner. It's terrific! Well written, with great pacing. I find myself looking forward to each installment, and I hope you continue it for lots more chapters.
Thank you for writing this Marshmallow.

The idea that the fatties all, eventually end up as happy hams is very erotic. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but, for me, it's a whole teapot. smiley
Tommmy, like I said to Jazzman, please keep reading as I add chapters, I'm sure you won't be disappointed, because her story certainly isn't over yet!
ccboi, I promise I'll try to keep including those things, but I'm not great at accuracy, so please let me know if anything seems odd or unusual for someone like our heroine.
Jazzman, thank you so much for saying so, it means a lot to me that you think that! Please, keep reading as I add chapters. I'm certain you'll see that she'll be back on track (might take her some time, but worth it!)
Jazzman 2 weeks
So cannibalism then? Wow.Kind of just Jumped the Shark as far as I'm concerned. I was really liking this story and You are Still a Great Writer.The dark stuff just isn't my cup of tea.
ccboi 2 weeks
Just found this story. I love the concept, I hope you continue. I just wish we could get to read all those delicious measurements, I love those nerdy little details such as body fat percentage. I hope you will include them smiley
Tommmy 3 weeks
So far so good. I hope she becomes a REALLY BIG GIRL. Please continue.