fatblackschoolgirl finds herself

chapter 1

I was always make fun of because of my appearance. I'm fat, really tall, have horrible skin, and I'm a Tom boy. But recently I had found a place where I am appreciated, here. This forum gave me such a boast of confidence I actually asked out my crush and to my utter shock and profound disbelief, he actually likes me. My stupid painfully shyness have had him think I didn't like him. He thought I was a lesbian the way I'm so shy. But I'm not. I love boys, him especially. The things, oh God the things I want that boy to do to my body. A girl can dream.
Last night, joining here, asking out my crush via text, him flirting with me via text, boys here flirting with me, it got me hot. I had to get naked a couple of times. Being a never kissed 18 years old virgin I have a significant amount of pent up sexual energy needing to be releasse. My 248 lb body felt so tense and warm. My skin had felt so sensitive. Every tactile sensation was amplified. My pussy and asshole had sensations. Pussy juice flowed out of me. My A cup boobs felt weird. My nimples were hard. I had the urge to touch myself, and I did. I came several times last night. I have masturbated before but this was something else. If masturbation can make me feel so good I can't wait for sex.
I am now unleashed. My deep dark dirty desires are on the forefront. My crush is now my boyfriend and he likes my body. He likes that I am a round girl with a big butt, a bigger belly, and tiny boobs. He would like me to gain, and you know what, I will. The idea of gaining actually gets me excited. The idea of plumping up to like 500 lb gets me wet. The thoughts I have, oh God, the thoughts that are yet to be articulated. I'm such a dirty girl. Right now as I sit in school I am stuffed but really to eat more. I am horney like a nympho. I want dick and food. Both my pussy and my mouth crave things to go inside it. My metamorphosis from a shy fat nerdy girl to a gaining feedee African queen is incredible. Words can't accurately express. I will keep you all up to date on what happens. This my friends, is the most fun I ever had. Have a nice day.
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You go girl! We've all been there honey, and it's great that you've figured this out about yourself so soon in the game. Just always be safe, and make sure this guy respects and cares for you! If you ever need any advice or want to talk, please message me
BigFA 6 days
Wonderful commentary of your awakening. So hot and sexy to read. You are not alone here and will find many who support your desires. Your explanation and desire to grow ever fatter is so sexy and appealing.
MuscleDadbod thank you smiley
From one writer to another, be encouraged young lady, and don't ever allow someone to make you feel bad about who you are and how you look. There are plenty of us guys would love a wife who is willingly fattening up for mutual pleasure. At 50 I've lived