chapter 1

there she was, my sweet lil girlfriend sleeping on my bed
Just watching her chubby belly go up and down as she breaths in her sleep.
She was probably around 192 and she was 5'1"
She was so plump she was my plump lil princess. I have been dating her for 3years and my influence on her was starting to show. Her thighs were thick her arms were pudgy her hips were wide her butt was big her boobs were a C cup her face was round with no double chin and her.......BELLY HER BELLY WAS AMAZINGLY BIG AND ROUND AND SO VERY SOFT.
I just loved stuffing her beautiful belly. It was just so perfect so soft and so fat.

I also loved rubbing it, it was just the best thing in the world.

Yeah no doubt I'm a feeder I mean my girlfriend already knows and she loves it, and she JUST LOVES when I put my muscular body on her and hand feed her her favorite foods.

Babe..... I'm hungry my girlfriend said...
Oh baby come in the kitchen and I'll fill up your lil belly. I said.
Oh btw babe am I fat? she said.
Yes baby but I love it. I said while rubbing the side of her belly.
Mmmm well I guess I could be fatter but first I need my belly filled up. she said. I got out some ice cream and sat her on my lap and fed her spoon full by spoon full and her belly got fuller and fuller.
I got out a large cake and fed her the entire thing then she passed out from all the food.

Any Ideas For What To Happen Next?...
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