fantasy to reality

chapter 1

Lisa and Dean were just an ordinary couple they have just got married a few mounts ago. the both shared the same had a secret fantasy, (unaware that each other shared the same fantasy.)
Lisa was a paramedic and dean an engineer they both worked very long hours, and hardly talked each other this was all about to change.
They were going on holiday for the first time as a married couple. they sat around in the sun by the pool, both on their tablets, looking at feederism sites, then they saw each other's profiles and realized they had the same fantasy, at first neither could believe it.

Chapter 2:
Each just stared at this in shock Dean then decide to talk to Lisa about it appeared they had both bean into it a long time before they had met. they then decided to share all their kinks and ideas about what they like and donot like about it, they then realise the love the same things. they spent the rest of the day talking and disusing they fantasies. They decided they wanted to make them reality.
The couple were a sensible and organised couple so they looked at how this could work to the very last details, like should just one of them become overweight or should the both become over weight together, also the consider the factor of money for their jobs, and would it work if they or one of them or both stopped working.
to help make the decision they use new technology, that could show you what you looked like if you got fat you could program it to show you at a particular weight, it would show all of your body and give a realist image of what you would look like form head to toe. Lisa and Dean did one of each other, at their ideal weights
both images looked very sexy, but they both, even dean preferred the image of himself compared to Lisa. That was decided that he would he would become a bhm.
Lisa was getting turned on so much, about that her husband would become her fat piggy. she had all these sexual thoughts go through head, like tying to a bed or chair and funnel feadding him till he was popping buttons on his shirt or when he broke the wooden chair when It could no long tack his weight. and just teasing him and humiliation him as he become fatter and fatter, even thought about having all 4 and making him eat.
on the other hand, Dean was scared and worried about everything what if loved gaining and would never stop, what if he got fat and his wife was unhappy, with his weight gain what would the workforce and community would think of him as got fatter and fatter but he was also excited as would do anything to please his wife.
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loveafatpiggy can kidnap me too, Garfield. what a dream to have a lovely wife who trained me to be her fat-pig husband for her pleasure.
Garfield 3 weeks
I like Your story and I would like to be kidnapped by You
i need to find inspiration. and motivation and ideas so it could be a while
yummy first two chapters....keep it coming!