chapter 1

Scarlett was sitting in her bed with her boyfriend,Maxwell,They were both watching Netflix bored not knowing what to do.
Maxwell Works but he just got laid off and got paid a big amount of money and he promised Scarlett that he would buy her anything she wanted.
Scarlett,doesn't have a job. She sits inside ALL the time,playing video games or Eating.
Scarlett is around 178lbs and Maxwell accepts it. He doesn't care about what she looks like. But he wishes she was huge. Scarlett knows this and this Is why she started to eat,but it's been working slowly.
Scarlett looks at Maxwell.
"Honey..." She says looking straight into his eyes.
"Yes Princess?" He asks looking at her with a smile.
"Why do you want me to be...fat?" She asks hiding her face blushing.
"Well...i want you to be my giant piggy!" He says smirking.
"How....Giant...?" She uncovers her face and looks at him again.
"Until your as big as the bed honey~"
"Thats...Huge Maxwell.."
They have a King Mattress.
"I know~ you won't be able to stand or walk honey."
"Ill weigh around like....1,000lbs...."
"That's a good thing Princess!" He says kissing her cheek.
"Okay....well you know how you said you would buy me anything?" She asks.
"Of course" he smirks.
"Well....i want you to go and buy me food...because I want to be huge!"
"Yes finally!!!!" Maxwell yells and kisses her.
Maxwell gets up and puts on his shoes and walks out the room and runs out side quickly and gets into his car and rushes downtown to buy her food.
As Maxwell is leaving Scarlett walks out into the kitchen and opens the fridge and Sees a giant round cake inside.
She gets on her knees and picks up the cake and starts to eat the cake as the frosting goes around her mouth.
She continues to eat the cake as she starts to feel full.
" Oh come on need to get use to it..." She says to herself as she finishes the cake as there's crumbs everywhere.
She eats the crumbs and licks all of the frosting around her mouth.
She looks at a new gallon of milk in the fridge.She grabs it and opens it as she starts to chug down the milk making her feel more full as her stomach starts to pop out of her shirt and feels her short shorts getting tighter on her waist.
She finishes the milk and lays back on the floor in the kitchen feeling extremely full.
She rubs her growing stomach as it rumbles like it's asking for more food.
"Really? More food? Okay then...Maxwell won't be here for a little I guess I can pig out more~"
She gets up as her stomach rumbles louder.
She quickly grabs a gallon of water and starts to chug it down as her stomach rumbles more.
She feels her stomach filling more and expanding. She forces herself to chug it faster.Soon the water is gone and she walks over to the couch.She sits down as her button pops on her shorts as her stomach pops out.
"Holy shit!" She yells.
She shakes her stomach and hears the liquid moving around in her stomach.She rubs her stomach and smiles.She sighs and gets up and walks to the bathroom and weighs herself. It reads 196lbs as she's shocked.
"Maxwell will be so happy~" she says smirking.
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