chapter 1

Scarlett,Currently lives alone.Always stressed.Shes 21 years old and Single.She got dumped by her Boyfriend,Dylan.
She weighs 198lbs,over all the stress she's just been putting on weight.
Scarlett is a Red Head,And is a Total Hipster.
She always dresses up to date.Even for her size she's still very beautiful! Her fat goes through her entire body.After a whole month of not leaving the house she desides to see Her Friend Mary.
Mary is very kind to Scarlett.They have been friends for a very long time now.
She has a boyfriend Called Jack and they love each other to death.
Mary is also 21 and is turning 22 soon.
After an hour of getting ready to leave she finally heads through the door and into her car.Scarlett Drives to Mary's house and parks in there front driveway.
Scarlett walks up to the door and Rings the door bell.
Mary opens the door. "Scarlett!! It's so lovely to see you again!!" Mary says and Hugs her tightly.
"Hey Mary!" Scarlett hugs back.Mary notices that she's put on a lot of weight.
And Scarlett has noticed that she took off a few pounds.
Mary invites her inside and Scarlett walks inside sitting on her couch." what's wrong?"Mary Asks.
"What do you mean...?"Scarlett asks.
"I've seen that you've put on weight...something has to be wrong."
"Okay...fine...ill tell You,Dylan...broke up with me..." Scarlett says tearing up.
"No way! You guys seemed perfect together!!" Mary yelled.
"Yeah I know....i thought so to..."
"Why did he break up with you?"
"He told me that I've out on a lot of weight and he didn't like he got up and left.."
Mary is Speechless.
"And I don't understand...she said he liked thick girls."Scarlett says wiping her eyes.
Mary Hugs Scarlett again.
Scarlett hugs back.
"Is that..why you were gone for a long time?" Mary asks. Scarlett shakes her head yes.
"Ugh...asshole..."Mary yells.
"Ugh....anyway...i don't care about him anymore...!" Scarlett says.
It was silent for a bit.Mary looks at Scarletts body.
"Stress?" Mary asks.
"yeah...stress eating...." Scarlett mumbles.
"Well....i don't want to hurt your feelings about this but...i have this friend who loves girls who are big..i could text him and say that there's a girl who's chubby,and that he might be interested." Mary says. She shows a picture of a boy who's perfectly fit and very healthy.
Scarlett looks at the picture.
"Okay...i guess you can tell him.." Scarlett says.
"Okay great I'll tell him now!" Mary says.
Scarlett smiles.
"Now you won't be thinking of Dylan anymore!" Mary smiles.
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