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chapter 1

The way she hefted herself on to the bus was mesmerizing. Although there wasn't much jiggle (except for her boobs and cheeks) due to her tight clothes it was for the same reason her midsection would sometimes be slightly exposed. This displayed the hills of back fat and crease of her double belly. This is what I lived for but risked even that just to look, to gaze at a 200 pound goddess who never spoke to me.

The rest of the day muddles by. Work. Lunch. Conversations. More work.

Then it's time to go to English. And there she is in all her glory, behind a much to small desk in an even smaller Rollie chair. Ms. Candy-she lived up to the name with a passion-she almost always had a full jar of candy on her desk that would be empty by the end of the day. Now she was leaning forward checking her e mail. The way she sits with her sizable thunder thighs spread out her gut easily surging forward, occasionally bouncing as she moves. Her arm fat was thicker at the shoulder area and thinned out a bit to her elbow but picked up in her meaty forearms, then to her plump fingers on the mouse. She breathes heavily through her mouth and wipes some sweat from her brow. Today she's wearing an all black, loose fabric (well about as loose as it can get) as she gets up to reach across the desk her curved pear-shape is notable. Her giant ass shakes slightly, I can tell because she has no pockets and keeps her phone in the back pressed against her succulent tan flesh. Just then her belly brushes over the desk knocking over a container of pens.
Immediately I'm there to help her pick them up, even though I'd love to watch her struggle to bend over and get worn out, I must keep the illusion that I don't have an interest in such things. She asks if I'm still scheduled for staying after (my grades suck for obvious reasons) I tell her I couldn't miss it if I tried. She giggles and moves some brown hair out of her face with her plump digits. The rest of the students begin to enter (I always show up early) and the class begins.
When the bell rings and they all leave she looks to me from her desk and asks if I want some candy, I accept and she tosses me a Reese's cup (king sized). She began to eat one herself and put her hand on her belly as she smiled with ecstasy. The sound of happiness had never been so known to one man than in that moment. She looked at me and saw me staring. She asked if I thought the candy was good, I said yes. She then lifted her self up allowing the light from the nearest window to grace her full hips as she walked to her closet and returned with two bags of candy. She then asked why I was failing English, before I could speak she walked my way and said she noticed me looking and that I sat at a particular angle. Before I could speak she again silenced me...she put a piece of chocolate in my mouth and began to touch my thighs. She said I'll make your grades worthwhile if you make my afternoons worthwhile. I then touched her belly, lifting up her shirt to expose her soft flesh and began to marvel and rub.
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SarinaLovely 6 days ago
I'm dying for more of this!
Right 2 months ago
Thank you for the compliments, means a ton, but technically there are some spelling errors I'll try to wrap up soon, but I digress.
greencloud 2 months ago
well written! Good ideas!
Right 2 months ago
I don't know if you've gotten around to it yet, but chapter 2 is up. Also glad to hear you enjoyed it!
Bigfatbellyfan 2 months ago
Man oh man. I really enjoyed this one chapter, can't wait to read more!