the pet

chapter 1

You awake in a room, your head pounding as you slowly open your eyes. The room is bright. Too bright, but soon your eyes adjust as confusion sets in. 'Where am I?,' you wonder to yourself, turning your head. The room is empty aside from the large bed you're laying on. You're in nothing but your underwear and above you the ceiling is one large mirror, reflecting your thin frame back at you.

You can see that your hair is a mess and your hands and feet are shackled to the bed. The realization of your situation begins to finally settle as panic blooms in your heaving chest. You pull at your restraints, panicked gasps as you realize it's no use. You're not going anywhere.

"Help, " you scream as loud as you can, doubting anyone will actually hear you.

Your panic pauses briefly as the room door opens and in steps a handsome man in a tailored suit. You look at him, confused at first as he gives you a charming smile.

"Scream all you like, poppet," he teases, walking towards the bed to look you over better. Goose bumps raise on your skin as you watch his piercing blue eyes look over your naked flesh. He has the eyes of a predator, piercing and cold.

"Please, " you begin to plead only to stop as he presses a finger on your lips.

"There is no reason to beg," he whispers, smile turning wicked now. "It took a long time to find you. Years of searching. To be quite honest I wondered if it was impossible, but there you were. Sitting in that little cafe. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you, you were my pet."

You watch as he walks around the bed, inspecting you from all angles as if to make certain that he really had the right person. Your breaths were quick and shallow, chest rising and falling as you gave one more meager attempt to free yourself from your binds, but it was useless. He thought this through.

You try to think back, remember how you had gotten here. The last thing you could remember was sitting in the little shop. You were reading a book and drinking a cup of tea and then...nothing.

"I had to drug you to get you here. I hope you're not too mad." The man's voice pulled you from your thoughts and your brows furrow as you notice he has a mask connected to a tube in his hands.

"Please. Let me go," you plead, tears in your eyes now as he steps closer. The room is cold and all you want was to go home. "Please. I won't tell anyone I promise. Please don't hurt me."

"Hurt you?! Oh no no, my dear. I haven't any plans to harm you. I've gone through too much trouble to find you. No. You're going to be my little pet." He trails a finger down one of your slender arms as he speaks, the feeling of his skin on yours making your stomach turn. "Sweet child, you're going to a work of art. A genuine example of true gluttony. By the time I'm through with you.. Well, you'll see."

Listening to the stranger, you can't believe what he is saying. You stare at him, confusion and fear melting together into true panic and open your mouth to speak, but before you could utter a single word, he grabs you and places the mask on your face, sliding the tube down your open mouth and throat.

"There, there," he coos, gently caressing your hair as he looks at you like a parent would a frightened child. "Don't fight it. It's going to happen so you might as well enjoy it."
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Kendally 3 weeks
I hope she gets a friend. : )
Kendally 3 weeks
Love it!
What an addictive tale! Now, give me another fix.... please!
fatlilboy 3 months
I can't stop reading this - and checking for updates! You're an artist.
QuebecFA 3 months
This is such a sexy and erotic story! The writing is superb! I hope a Chapter 7 and/or more stories are in the works! ;-)
I absolutely adore your writing and this start to a story. Please do continue your great work! smiley
fatlilboy 3 months
How wonderfully you write my dear. Perhaps you would delight in becoming MY pet, lovely poppet.