one more bite

one more bite

She grins as she watches me eat another bite of the delicious dinner she ordered for me. Her bright blue eyes gleam playfully and her nostrils flare in excitement as I stuff myself silly.

"Feeling full yet?" She asks me. Truthfully, I passed my limit long ago, but there's no need to tell her that. I'm having too much fun eating myself into a food coma to care about eating just a little too much. Not to mention watching her reaction to my gorging was really getting to me.

So I put on a little show for her. I shove food into my mouth, moaning and burping loudly after each swallow. I sigh contently and stroke my full tummy, earning a breathy, needy moan from my devoted feeder.

I finish with another loud burp and swallow down the last bite of food, proud of the empty plates before me. "Ohh, I'm so full..." I hiccup.

That's when I see her smirk. She drops a second helping onto my plate and pulls it closer to me with her finger. "Is that so?" She chuckles softly as she slowly climbs into my lap, a hearty forkful of food in her hand.

"You're not full until I say..." She growls playfully as she pushes the forkful past my lips.

I obediently accept her offering and chew it roughly before swallowing it down, feeling my already swollen stomach expand even more.

"Surely you haven't reached your limit yet..." She purrs in my ear, nipping me with her front teeth as she stuffs another round of savory food into my mouth. "And if you have, well," She chuckles, her breath hot in my ear. "I know you can eat way more than that, my greedy pig."

She grins up at me and forces another bite into my maw as I struggle to chew the previous forkful.

"Hnnnn.... Mff-" My grunts of playful protest dissolve into a pleasurable moan as she silences me with a squeeze to my overfull belly. The sensation of her hand squishing my sensitive tummy sends waves of pleasure through my body, and my eyes roll back in bliss. She rubs and fondles my stomach between forkfuls, and I groan with every bite, with every squeeze, with every kiss and whispered word of encouragement.

"That's it, keep eating your meal, baby..." She pushes aside the empty plate and drags over a tray of desserts. She wastes no time and grabs a chunk of gooey cake before lifting it to my lips. "You're not going to stop until there's no food left on this table. Isn't that right?"

I manage a quick "Yes, ma'am" between chews before I open my mouth and accept the huge bite of cake she forces into my maw.

She purrs and rubs against me, her eyes glinting with wicked pleasure as she continues to feed me. After every roughly swallowed treat, she rewards me with a passionate French kiss or an equally passionate tummy rub. When I'm especially good for her and burp and moan about how full I am, she pushes and grinds her chest against mine, smirking with every whimper and moan of pleasure that escapes my lips.

"Good boy..."

By now I can hardly hold my own head up and my eyes have long since glazed over. My belly grows and hangs over my dress pants, and the buttons on my tight shirt break off one by one. But I'm loving every moment of it. And so is my feeder.

She loves to be in charge, and I'm such a good pig for letting my mistress teach me a lesson.

Once I'm done, she parades me around in my drunken state. While I stumble around, hiccuping and burping and patting my full stomach, she beams with pride and nuzzles me all over. She loves to show me off. Whenever someone stops to stare, she smirks and pulls me close to her side, grabbing and kneading the rolls of fat on my belly between her fingers. It's a little hard to squeeze past the tightness of my packed stomach, but she does so anyway, fondling the soft folds of fat and earning a drawn out, blissful moan from me.

When we get home, she drags me into the kitchen and sits me down at the table. But of course I don't protest. I'm too full to walk straight or even form a coherent sentence, let alone object her.

She grabs a cupcake and delicately places it on the table right in front of me. Then, she crawls back into my lap - there's less room here with my bloated tummy in the way, now how did that happen?

She takes each side of my shirt and pulls it apart, tearing off the remaining buttons at the top and exposing my plump tummy for her to have her way with. She kisses, rubs, smacks, and strokes my belly, her moans and gasps of pleasure echoing my own. After a few minutes of that, she grabs the cupcake she brought out just for me.

"Open up, sweetheart." She holds the treat to my mouth as she brushes her breasts against me, egging me on. Before I know it, my mouth is forced open by her fingers. "It's just one little cupcake..."

She chuckles to herself and pats my swollen stomach. "After all, you can handle one more bite, can't you?"
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Glad to hear it!
I need mooreeeee
hurgon 3 months
Nice! smiley
thanks for all the comments, guys! it inspires me to write more!
Fiji 3 months
Clarification: By "more" I do not mean more of this story. It is beautiful as is. I realize now that I've read this one and other delightful tales of yours before. Glad you are here.
So beautifully done. I wish I could write like you -- every word has impact. I would love to read more.
Badhansel 3 months
Just delicious!