chapter 1

I've always been a busy man. At the spry age of 16, I started a tech startup. My team and I worked long hours in our basement studio to finish our first real project. It was a lot of work, but within a year we were making considerable profits and more clients were beginning to line up. Naturally, this didn't leave me much time to enjoy a colorful social life, and by the time I was 20 years old, I was beginning to feel lonely. Out of a mix of curiosity and desperation, I decided to give online dating a try.

The first year yielded no results; a few dates and the interest would fizzle out, or I would never get a reply in the first place. I could understand why; my sporadic work schedule made planning dates a mess, and while I had more cash to spend than the average 20-year old, I was interested in something more long-term. I guess you could say I was looking for a lazy relationship. I was beginning to consider giving up online dating, but I'm glad now that I was patient.

It was a warm, early July afternoon. My team and I had just finished our most recent project and were taking a week off to recuperate. For the first time in a few weeks, I decided to check my dating inbox, and found a single message from a girl named Kristen.

"Hey Dan! Wanna chat?" the subject read. "You seem really sweet. Let's get to know each other!" I immediately picked up on her sincerity. Kristen's profile listed her as a 20-year old woman, 5'2" tall, with a 'few extra pounds' body type. Her pictures showed a classy, curvy woman: with long, straight brown hair, a pale-beige complexion, and cute brown eyes with a feint single eyelid. She had an hourglass figure that favored her hips a bit over her chest, but her extra pounds were distributed fairly evenly across her body.

"Sure!" I replied, trying to sound casual. Within a few minutes, we were entrenched in conversations about our interests and our occupations. I told her I was a programmer in a tech startup.

"That's awesome!" She responded. "I was going to go back to school, but I'm taking a bit of a break, to take care of myself." She told me she enjoyed movies and television, trying new foods, and surfing the web and playing the occasional video game. Thankfully, we had things in common.

The conversation began to slow as the rush of new attraction settled. "I'd really like to get to know you better." Kristen said, spontaneously. "I hope you're okay with taking things slowly? I'm a bit shy about meeting in person."

"Of course," I affirmed. "I'd like to take things slow, too." I was relieved; it seemed we were on the same page.

Over the next two months, we moved from the dating site to text messaging. We made small talk every day, and had lengthier conversations every few days. I talked to her about work, and she told me about the new shows and games she was interested in. Since she wasn't enrolled in school, she was always available to talk, even at odd hours. It made keeping in touch very easy, and thus our interest in each other grew stronger.

Eventually, July made its way to August, and August was ready to make way for September. Kristen and I decided it had been enough time, and planned a date. I was particularly busy that week, but she suggested a local joint for an evening date. All week I paced and worried, as my butterflies grew. I had no clue that I wouldn't be prepared.
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You've set up a very sweet story with lots of possibilities. I look forward to where you will take this. Is our hero going to take advantage of her, or will he remain a gentleman? And will it change what becomes of her?
dave2k22 5 months
Loving the story can't wait for more
Please continue
Rustydog7 5 months
Awesome story, can't wait for more.
I love this
ncjonathan 6 months
Please continue
dania201 6 months
Whoa. Love it! Sequel?
fainpa 6 months
Please continue your descriptions are great!
wisconfa 6 months
Great start ! Please continue
Ryan100000 6 months
Great description of Kristen I really hope you continue
Kendally 6 months
Your description of Kristen makes me hope you continue with this story.