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“We've had a tremendous response from our banners and genuine interest in our products. All the traffic in the world doesn't help if the traffic doesn't buy anything and we've had a superb record of hits-versus-buys with Fantasy Feeder.” Mike T,

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Fantasy Feeder is one of the largest fat acceptance sites on the Internet with over 100,000 unique visitors per month. We have a young, dynamic mainly 18-35 year old niche audience that can be easily targeted by BBW and other fat related websites.

where would my banner be shown?

banner positions You can place your banner on any page you like, so long as it's not already taken. The only exception to this is the home page. Banners are positioned in the center at the top and bottom of the page, with plenty of surrounding whitespace to ensure they're highly visible. The image opposite shows the approximate banner positions as blue rectangles. Once you've chosen your page it's not shared with any other advertisers, which means you get all of the available hits.

what type of banner should I use?

Banners can be 728x90px or 468x60px standard sizes, in the common GIF, JPEG or PNG formats. They should be non-pornographic, although a degree of nudity is ok so long as it's tastefully done.

how much does it cost?

Banners cost $50 per month with a 10% discount for 3 months or more.

how do I order?

You need to be quick to ensure you get one of our best pages, since we have to allocate them on a first come first served basis. Just click the link below to contact us and give your website an immediate boost.