Burger King - whopper, fries and shake

Everybody knows that eating plenty of fast food is a great way to put on weight, and it's just so convenient too! Whether you're out shopping or on your way home from work, there'll nearly always be a fast food joint not far away.

The main problem for most people is deciding what to order when they get up to the counter, and for feeders and feedees this means not only getting something tasty but also something that will be nice and fattening. To help you out, next time your in Burger King why don't you try a double Whopper with cheese, King size fries and a medium ice cream shake, for a massive 2510 calories and 92g of fat. This meal alone exceeds the average daily calorie intake so you or your partner can almost be sure of putting on some weight every time you eat it.

A wider burger and a wider bun, plus a second slab of beef makes a double Whopper with cheese more fattening than a Quarter Pounder with Cheese or even a Big Mac. And if you increase the shake to a large size you can add an additional 440 calories bringing the whole meal to a belly bulging 2950 calories. If you or your partner are already too full for such a large meal then a Burger King Whopper value meal would make a good substitute, ranging in calories from 1,300 to 1,800 depending on the size of the soft drink and fries. Whatever you decide, a trip to your local fast food joint can do wonders for a waistline, so binge on those burgers and happy plumping!


Tubbypc73 1 week
Isn’t that weird I have found eating two of these meals really easy ( in one sitting ) maybe I should opt for three at a time
14 years
Maybe my date will order that for me.
16 years
my boyfriend would probarbly order me 5 of those combos then plus everything else I eat. LOL