Chat about weightgain and fat sex

Feeder: Nice to see you online, big beautiful Dumpling. How are you today?

Fat Girl: I'm fine thanks, how are u?

Feeder: I'm doing pretty well. It's great to see you here again, what is it that you enjoy about this club?

Fat Girl: Well I suppose I just love eating and putting on weight, I guess that's how I got to 430lbs. Secretly I'm a bit of a feedee

Feeder: It's wonderful that you enjoy feeding....a woman who really enjoys her appetite can be very sensual and sexy.

Fat Girl: Yes, I've always enjoyed my food right from an early age, I guess I just love eating

Feeder: That is great to hear. Do you find it kind of erotically satisfying as well as emotionally satisfying?

Fat Girl: Yes I do. I've always found that I get aroused when I eat, I think its just the taste and texture of the food, and the thought that I might add a few pounds in the process

Feeder: It would be very nice to feed you romantically, sweet Dumpling, and admire all of your beauty.

Fat Girl: I often dream about being taken out for dinner by a loving guy, someone who enjoys watching me eat, and doesn't mind if I put on weight

Feeder: It would be deeply satisfying to admire you, satisfy your growing appetite, and give you loving you grow bigger and more beautiful.

Fat Girl: You sound very nice, what I've always wanted more than anything is to have a loving guy to take care of me

Feeder: You sound would you like to be cared for, fat beauty?

Fat Girl: Just in every way really. I suppose I'm just not very good on my own. I'm not very active and I think it would just be so nice to have someone there to take care of me. I would do things for him in return of course.

Feeder: I would love to look into your eyes and be warmed by you. How big do you think you'd like to grow?

Fat Girl: You are a true romantic, its so nice :) I don't really have a goal, but maybe I would like to be around 500lbs. I think that would be a nice weight for me

Feeder: That would be very sexy. I'd love to kiss you and caress you all over as you eat your way up to 500 lovely lbs.

Fat Girl: Mmm I would love that. I would love to eat while a guy adores my body

Feeder: I would kiss your cheek, nibble on your earlobe and caress your majestic belly as I feed you all the rich sweet food you desire. You are a very desirable woman, Dumpling.

Fat Girl: You are making me feel slightly flushed here, but I must admit I am enjoying it :)

Feeder: While you eat all you possibly can, I will kiss your sensuous belly and massage your warm, lusty thighs. I will feed you adoringly as your vast beauty arouses my passion.

Fat Girl: Thank you, I find my belly is very sensitive for me, I just love it being stroked and kissed and played with :)

Feeder: I kiss your lower belly as I continue to steadily feed you

Fat Girl: My mouth waters at the taste of the warm sweet food

Feeder: I kiss your belly with unending warmth and sensuality, while fondling your wonderful breasts. You are irresistible, Dumpling...I want you deeply...want to satisfy and adore you

Fat Girl: I swallow my mouthful, feeling the food travel down to my already full belly. I feel myself becoming moist between my fat thighs

Feeder: May I caress your moist beauty, Dumpling, as I feed you unceasingly?

Fat Girl: Mmm please do. You stroke your hand up and down my fat thighs, across my crouch from one leg to the other. I can't see you hand below my huge belly, but I can feel your touch sending shivers through me :)

Feeder: You are so extraordinarily desirable....I feed you lovingly and my fingers stroke your moist lips and plush, hard nipples...I cannot get enough of you...your fat beauty is overwhelming. I kiss your belly lower and lower now....until my lips meet my fingers stroke your nipples over and over

Fat Girl: I'm wanting you so much, I spread my thighs but wonder if I am too fat for you to be able to make love to me in this position

Feeder: You could never be too fat for me, sweetest Dumpling. You captivate me with your fat sensuality

Fat Girl: I want you to whisper to me, tell me how fat I am, feed me and tell me how much you want me to put on even more weight

Feeder: I whisper to are incredibly beautiful, fat Dumpling...I want you to grow and grow. I want to feed you every day...want to satisfy your growing appetite fully

Fat Girl: I tell you that you will probably find it easier from behind, and slowly turn around, showing you my large soft bottom

Feeder: I want to satisfy your body completely, fat beauty. Your soft bottom is just as sexy as your huge belly....I stroke it, caress it, and offer you my hard warmth. You are going to grow incredibly fat with me, gorgeous Dumpling

Fat Girl: My belly and breasts hang down before me as I feel you penetrate into me

Feeder: I will feed you and fill you every day, lovingly kissing you as you eat and eat. I place my arms around your back and heavy belly as we love each other

Fat Girl: and I will grow fat for you, you will be able to watch me grow and become softer and fatter every day

Feeder: Your rolls of fat are remarkably sensuous...I desire you deeply

Fat Girl: Feel my fat, feel its softness, feel how much there is :)

Feeder: There will be more of you to kiss and love every day...what a wonderful idea!

Fat Girl: Run your hands over my huge bottom, feel how smooth it is, how soft it is to your touch

Feeder: As I run my hands over your huge bottom, I think about how satisfying it is to feed you, love, and to kiss your growing belly...I want you so much. Have you ever had an orgasm while feeding, Dumpling?

Fat Girl: You have made me totally aroused, but I have to say unfortunately that it's time for me to go now

Feeder: That's fine. I have enjoyed our chat a lot, sweet Dumpling

Fat Girl: Me too, you really have excited me. I hope we can chat again :)

Feeder: You are a deliciously desirable, captivating woman!

Fat Girl: Thank you. See you for now, bye :) XXXXXXXXXX


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Great chat. Too bad she had to leave.
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