Fat girl gets her fill

Feeder: Hi there Fat Girl...nice to see you again. I hope you've been enjoying your big soft sultry beauty this week....all of it! Fat Girl: Hi, how are u? Feeder: I am doing fine, thanks....where did we leave off, fat beauty? Fat Girl: Well I'm not really sure, but I think you were enjoying my fat body, lol Feeder: I think that's right Fat Girl....How would you like me to enjoy it, soft sweet beauty? Fat Girl: Well you can just do what you like to me, I'm sure I will enjoy it. Feeder: You know, just as you have a wonderful appetite for lots of good food, I find that a big super-sized woman awakens my appetite for feminine beauty. Fat Girl: What is it that you prefer about women my size? Feeder: Well, your rolls of soft fat are very sensuous, very kissable, very feminine. Fat Girl: Well I guess I have plenty of that, lol. Feeder: I kiss your lips with slow smoldering passion and my hands caress your immense sexy belly. Fat Girl: We snuggle together. I return your kisses with my moist plump lips. Feeder: I lift your belly gently and massage your sensitive underbelly as your kisses stir my soul. Fat Girl: That feels good, I love the gentle touch of your fingers on my soft skin. Feeder: I fall into your passionate kisses, not wanting to resist you at all. My hands stroke and massage your luscious breasts as we kiss passionately. Fat Girl: I don't want you to resist me. I want you to be engulfed by my womanliness. Feeder: I put my hand around your head and draw it close to my chest. You are making me so happy, Fat Girl. Fat Girl: Thank you, me too :) Feeder: I want your lusty fat to surround me as I kiss you. I kiss your breasts now as my fingers stroke your nipples over and over. Fat Girl: I press myself up against you, allowing my soft breasts to hang against your chest. Feeder: I bury my head in your chest, kissing your breasts all over. Fat Girl: I press my breasts against your cheeks, engulfing your face in soft womanly flesh. Feeder: As my hands caress your belly and descend to stroke your plush garden. I am overwhelmed with desire for you. My fingers explore your irresistible fur. Fat Girl: I am wanting you too so much. I spread my hefty thighs to allow you hands access between them. Feeder: Your wonderful beauty mesmerizes me, Fat Girl. Fat Girl: I want you to gently squeeze my crotch in your palm several times. Feeder: I gaze affectionately at you looking deeply into your eyes, and caress your immensely sexy thighs before pressing my hand into your plush lower lips. As I caress your moistness, I nibble on your earlobe. Fat Girl: I can feel my breathing increase. I cant help it, I'm getting so aroused. Feeder: What do you desire, beauty? Fat Girl: Run your fingers over my soft skin, stroke them between the folds of fat on my belly and tickle my belly button. Feeder: My hands take their time delivering a deeply sensual massage. I am completely captivated with your fat as I play with it. Fat Girl: Press your warm naked body against my flesh. Feeder: My fingers spread your juices all over your fat mound. Take my hard male throbbing warmth, Fat Girl. Fat Girl: Mmm I can feel myself very moist. I reach down and touch your erection, positioning it just before my wet lower lips. Feeder: It is clear to you that your fat body has turned me on wildly. Take my hard shaft, lover, and enjoy it. I share my hardness with you now and sink into your fat as we share passion uncontrollably. Fat Girl: I love that, I want my soft body to turn you on. I gently pull your hard member in towards me so that you can feel the warm lips of my fanny around the head of your dick. Feeder: Take it all lover! Fat Girl: I pull you in towards me, wrapping my soft fat thighs around your legs. Feeder: I plunge into you powerfully, passionately, uncontrollably. Fat Girl: Mmm I want you all in me, as far as you can go. Feeder: I give it all to you and wrap my arms around your huge hips and belly. Fat Girl: I can feel you inside me, so large, hard and warm. Feeder: How often do you enjoy passion like this, Fat Girl? Fat Girl: Well not as often as I would like unfortunately. Feeder: You are such a wonderful sensual lover. I am completely aroused by you. Fat Girl: I have to say the same for you, you really know how to make a woman feel good. Do you mind me asking, are you masturbating right now? Feeder: Well, you have turned me on rather completely...what about you? Fat Girl: Me too. I really wish you could touch me for real right now, run your palms between my thighs. Feeder: I am trying to control the deep passion you arouse....If we were together, I would press my hand between your thighs, stroke your full, moist pussy, and kiss your luscious lips with unbridled passion. Fat Girl: You would be able to see me for real, my soft skin, my rolls of soft white fat. Feeder: I would admire it all so lustily....slowly kissing my way down your torso until I was kissing your electric fur. Fat Girl: I would love you to kneel between my thighs as I sit here now and kiss me around my pussy while I eat something sweet such as chocolate or ice-cream. Feeder: How are you feeling, beauty? Fat Girl: I am feeling very aroused. I have one hand down below, but it's a bit difficult to type with just the other, lol. Feeder: I press my head in between your legs...deeper deeper deeply passionately completely captivated by you. Fat Girl: Push your tonge into me down there, lick up and down over my clit. Feel my fat thighs either side of your head, feel how fleshy they are against your face. Feeder: My tongue is long, warm and moist....I cover your clit with it and lick you unceasingly. Fat Girl: Mmm that's very nice, you're making me feel very wet. Feeder: With your huge thighs surrounding my head, I am in complete ecstasy. I lick you more deeply with each stroke of my tongue. Fat Girl: I am eating for you as you do it, rich creamy foods that will add a few more pounds to my body. Keep licking me, feel my love juices on your tongue. Feeder: Your moist fragrant tunnel opens and your lush lips surround my face. Knowing that you are eating turns me on even more. I lick the full length of your pussy, ending each stroke with a full passionate bath for your clit. Fat Girl: I love that. I will put on weight for you, run your hands up over my fleshy sides while you lick me, feel how fat I have become already. Feeder: I want you to keep eating and filling yourself up as we make wild passionate love. I massage your massive belly as you press my head into your center. How big will you grow for me, Fat Girl? I hope you will become my huge sexy SSBBW sub. Fat Girl: I will do that for you, so long as you care for me and treat me lovingly. I will put on as much weight as you like, and do anything you want. Feeder: Eat Fat Girl! Stuff yourself....and enjoy every pound of your enormously sexy body! I will take good care of you, will kiss and caress you every day, and my love for you will grow as you grow. You are a sweet, lovable woman....Such a satisfying lover. Fat Girl: I really will, I love to eat so much. I love to feel the food filling my belly and pushing it out. Feeder: Go and eat Fat Girl, and contact me again soon to let me know how you got on. I will give you all the help and encouragement you need. Fat Girl: OK, I really hope we can chat again soon. I'm sure I'll have put on some more weight by then. Feeder: Take care Fat Girl, and happy eating!