Feeder chats with a 410lb feedee

Feeder: Hi there!

Fat Girl: Hi, how are you? We spoke the other day didn't we?

Feeder: I think so. So, ya got plenty to eat?

Fat Girl: Yes, I have plenty of food in today. I wasn't planing to go out anyway so I made sure that there was plenty in house.

Feeder: Refresh my memory, how large is the lady?

Fat Girl: I'm just over 400lbs. Around 410lbs I think at the last weigh-in.

Feeder: Nice!

Fat Girl: You're so kind :)

Feeder: I love very heavy ladies.

Fat Girl: It's so nice that at least some guys do. It always gives me hope that someday I might find a FA of my own :)

Feeder: Here I am!

Fat Girl: Hehe, well you do sound like a really nice guy :)

Feeder: And I wouldn't mind at all if you broke 500...

Fat Girl: That's really nice too. It's important to me that a guy doesn't mind me being fat or even fatter. After all there's not much I can do about it. I've tried diets and all that in the past and they just don't work for me.

Feeder: Do you like getting fatter?

Fat Girl: Yes I do. I enjoy being fat and everything about it. I just love to eat and that's not going to change, and I love seeing myself grow larger and softer every day.

Feeder: Hehe... how fat do you want to be?

Fat Girl: Ultimately I would like to be over 500lbs. So long as I am healthy I would really love it :)

Feeder: How far over?

Fat Girl: Well fat enough so that I would need to have someone to look after me. Guess that sounds really lazy but suppose its what I've always secretly wished for.

Feeder: [HUG]

Fat Girl: Thankyou :) You are so kind.

Feeder: How tall are you?

Fat Girl: I'm 5'5

Feeder: Not bad... big belly?

Fat Girl: I guess it tends to be one of my most noticeable features. I'm bottom heavy so my belly, bum and thighs tend to be the largest.

Feeder: How wide are your thighs?

Fat Girl: I've never actually measured them, but at a guess maybe 38-40 inches around. It's hard to say.

Feeder: Do ya know your measurements?

Fat Girl: You guys just love statistics, lol. Well its difficult when my weight keeps changing, but I think I'm around 55-52-68, or at least I was.

Feeder: Hehe... weight keeps changing, as in going up?

Fat Girl: Well yes. I've put on around 15lbs since that beginning of December. Guess it was Christmas and the New Year and all that.

Feeder: Good deal! Fatter is definitely better!

Fat Girl: I'm so pleased you think so :) I used to be so mixed up about my weight, trying to slim only to fail and end up putting on even more. I'm so much happier now, just being fat and letting myself go :)

Feeder: What do you like about being so fat?

Fat Girl: There are just so many things. I suppose its the lifestyle mainly, I just love food and eating, its so satisfying and pleasurable. Then when I'm really full I can just sit back and let my belly hang out feeling fully contented :)

Feeder: How far does it hang out?

Fat Girl: If I'm sitting it tends to fill up most of my lap, especially if I've been eating for most of the day. Even I can't believe how big it is sometimes. When I'm walking I feel as if it travels before me.

Feeder: How far down does it hang? :)

Fat Girl: Maybe 10"-12" if I'm standing, difficult to say

Feeder: Down to your knees?

Fat Girl: lol, no not that far :)

Feeder: Not yet, at least...

Fat Girl: No not yet. Maybe in a year or two it might do :)

Feeder: Think you're gonna keep getting fatter for the next year or two?

Fat Girl: I think its almost inevitable, I just tend to put on weight so easily, I only have to look at a slice of cake and I seem to put on a few pounds. Anyway, I really want to gain some more so I will deliberately eat more than I should.

Feeder: Good! What have ya had so far today?

Fat Girl: I just really wish you were here with me now so that we could be together. I could show you what I was eating then, and we could both have each others company

Feeder: And I could encourage you to eat even more?

Fat Girl: Yes of course you could, but I wouldn't need much encouragement really. I wish you were here next to me on the sofa, then we could cuddle up and you could feed me. I'm sure you would find me good company :)

Feeder: How much of the sofa do you take up?

Fat Girl: lol, well most of it I suppose, but I would make room for you. Anyway it would be nice and snug with both of us here, and its unusually warm for the time of year so I'm only wearing a lightweight dress, its quite short and sleeveless :)

Feeder: Hehe... showing off your fat arms?

Fat Girl: Hehe, yes my fat arms with there white skin ( well it has been winter here and I'm not good in the sun anyway), but also its a little low so there's a bit of chest on show, and it comes to just above my knees so there's my lower legs too :)

Feeder: Do you have a large chest?

Fat Girl: well it tends to be dwarfed by my belly. I think my breasts are quite large but its mainly fat, I think maybe if I wasn't so overweight they wouldn't be as big

Feeder: Belly is the most outstanding feature, hmmm

Fat Girl: I'm sure you would like my belly :)) Its very soft with thick rolls of fat which I hope you like :)

Feeder: Is it very large? That's the best kind... :D. And soft and jiggly...

Fat Girl: well it feels very large to me since I'm the most overweight I've been at the moment. Also most of my clothes tend to show off its size right now until I manage to get some larger sizes. And it's definitely jiggly and wobbly :)

Feeder: And you're loving every minute of being so fat, right?

Fat Girl: yes I really do. If you were here now id press my belly against you so that you could feel how large and fat it is. I have bare legs too under my dress so maybe they would interest you too?

Feeder: I'd probably have my hands all over your belly... ;)

Fat Girl: I would love that. I love my belly being rubbed and stroked especially around my belly button which is very sensitive for me. But first you would have to feed me so that I was completely full and satisfied

Feeder: How much would you eat?

Fat Girl: I would eat until I was completely full, and even then when you were stroking and playing with my belly fat I would like to continue eating. I would like my belly to feel so full that it was stretching out towards you

Feeder: So how much food would that take?

Fat Girl: well I have a very large appetite when I get going. Maybe I would start with some dessert cakes such as chocolate Swiss roll with vanilla cream, some blackcurrant cheese cake, followed by ice-cream with strawberries and other fruit, all flavors :)

Feeder: How many cakes?

Fat Girl: well I've eaten a whole family sized Black Forest gateau before now and even then I wasn't satisfied for long and fancies some chocolate afterwards. But usually what I do is to eat throughout the day to take away most of the hunger and then have a large dinner followed by dessert to fill me up

Feeder: Well, I will feed you so much you'll think that you'll be 500 lbs. tomorrow. :D

Fat Girl: I would love that. I would like you to offer me food even when I thought I couldn't eat another thing :)

Feeder: Would you eat it?

Fat Girl: I would certainly try. Especially if you were to whisper to me that you wanted me to eat it so that I would put on a few more pounds for you. You could rub my belly and tell me how much you loved my fat :)

Feeder: Can I jiggle your belly too?

Fat Girl: of course, and I have plenty of belly fat for you to play with. I think you would find my belly very soft to touch and its a little flabby so very wobbly too

Feeder: A LITTLE flabby?

Fat Girl: well I guess that would be for you to decide :)

Feeder: I want it to be a LOT flabby!

Fat Girl: well then if the truth be told, I'm sure you wont be disappointed

Feeder: Oh?

Fat Girl: David, I'm going to have to go, but please, please, please can we stay in touch? Id like to find out more about you as a person.