Super-fat sex

First off, I guess I should describe my situation. I am 32 years old and my wife is 29 and we've been together for around ten years. We're both very large people, I weigh 380lbs at 5'10" and my wife weighs over 490lbs at 5'6", and despite what you may have been told about fat people we do have a very full and satisfying sex life together, probably better than most thin couples. That's not to say that we don't have to make allowances for our weight because we do, but we've always managed to compensate, and the pleasure we both get from being so fat easily outweighs any disadvantages there may be.

I first met my future wife when we were at College together and I remember one of the first things that attracted me to her apart from her beautiful long blond hair was the size of her enormous belly and butt. She was a very big girl even back then, just turned 19 and already over 350lbs. She always wore these unintentionally tight skirts that showed off her delightfully huge curves, it was definitely lust at first sight. I always tried to get as close to her as I could, standing behind her in the canteen queue, or sitting next to her in lectures. I was ecstatic when I finally got to slow dance with her at the end of term ball, I'd never had much luck with women but it was a totally different experience from the occasional thin chick I'd danced with. Feeling that beautifully fat belly pressing against my own, my arms trying to reach around her enormous girth, and having to lean right over in order to kiss her plump lips. I was captivated and we've never looked back since. Ten years on and she's still as beautiful as she was then, only now there's even more of her to kiss and fondle. It's not uncommon for us both to get aroused after dinner as we sit and watch television on the sofa in the evening. Invariably one or other of us will still be eating, snacking on some kind of cake or dessert, or whatever we happen to have in the house. She'll normally be dressed in just sweat pants and a T-shirt, and I'll look over at her, usually admiring the rolls of fat cascading down her front and culminating in that big round pot of hers. If I give her a belly rub she'll guess what's on my mind and we'll cuddle and kiss for a bit before slowly making our way into the bedroom. Undressing her is always a real treat for me, it's something I normally help her with anyway since she does find it difficult to bend and reach far enough, but when we're about to make love it adds an extra dimension. I love to release her body from the confinement of its clothes, watching her fat jiggle and shake as it's first set free. Sometimes I'll kneel before her with her huge belly hanging over me and maybe kiss and suck her stomach fat or stroke my palms up and down her soft thighs. Unfortunately though she gets uncomfortable standing for too long, so I help her onto the bed and if I'm not already naked, finish undressing myself.

Now the next bit, the actual intercourse is probably where our love making must differ from most thin couples. We've always found the missionary position very difficult to do, even though we both enjoy it very much because of the intimacy it offers. We can just about get there however if Janice places a few pillows beneath her butt, and by lifting our stomachs out of the way. I do still find it difficult to get between her thighs however, even with her knees raised, and penetration is not very deep. Once in position I seldom thrust for fear of slipping out, but just lying on top of such a fat woman in this way can in itself be very enjoyable. My favorite memory of this was when we once tried it on the bathroom floor. The contrast between her warm soft body and the cool hard tiles was incredible, and without the soft bed for her to sink into I must have been lying about 3' off the floor, balancing on top of her huge rounded belly.

One of the positions I greatly enjoy, but which requires greater effort on her part, is when she goes on top. Just watching her trying to maneuver her huge body into position can be very erotic for me, so I'm nearly always rock hard by the time she slips down onto me. The disadvantage is that she can't move much when she's up there, since she tires very easily, however as a fat appreciator (FA) the view for me is fantastic. With my belly pushed up in a large mound towards my chest, and her own gorgeously fat belly resting on top of it, all I see before me is a vast expanse of soft white lard. If she does manage to pump up and down a few times it's like we've created our own fleshy water bed with our fat slopping and rippling as it slaps together. On one glorious occasion she ate a whole family sized trifle whilst kneeling over me like this, with my penis inside her and my hands gently massaging her thick stomach fat. She didn't pump at all but we still both came to orgasm before the trifle was completely finished.

The last position I want to mention (although we've tried many others) is 'doggy' style (even though I hate the name). My own favorite is for Janice to stand with her legs spread, whilst bending forwards and holding onto the back of a chair. This allows her belly and breasts to hang and swing freely whilst I thrust, a sight to behold if you watch it in a mirror. Janice prefers to kneel on all fours on the bed, although this way with her belly resting down on the duvet it doesn't slop quite so well. I find that if I rest my belly on her buttocks, penetration can get quite deep, and she has beautiful fat love handles on her back for me to take hold of while we make love.


16 years
WOW sounds like you two were made for eachother. Just reading that article though really turned me on. I am a great admirer of fat sex.
17 years
Thanks so much for the article. gives me hope.