The fun of funnel feeding

Many of us associate funnel feeding with force feeding, a person being forced to eat beyond their capacity, which can lead to stomach pains, vomiting and other problems which are no fun at all. However the real fun of funnel feeding is not necessarily the element of forcing, but rather a gentle and efficient way of getting the most fattening, easily digestible food into your partner.

While they are eating, you are then free to enjoy caressing, kissing and arousing the feedee's body - assaulting all their senses at once, resulting in an explosion of orgasmic ecstasy. Before you begin, set an environment that is diversion and stress free. No diversions like children, pets, and noisy neighbors (a hotel getaway is perfect as you also have room service at your beck and call). Music is optional and if you are home, chocolate, vanilla, or some favorite food scented candles will enhance the mood. Make sure the bed is comfortable and your feedee is propped up with enough pillows to make swallowing easy and avoid choking. Get a really large plastic funnel, and use your imagination to create gooey, suckable through the narrow passage type substances. Mix ice-cream with syrups, add raw cookie dough, mix in a blender and pour into the funnel so that the feedee may suck it down and enjoy every moment of it.

Make sure what you mix up is sufficient to fill a large funnel - you would hate to have your feedee run out of liquid in the middle of your own ecstatic moment smothered in their flesh! By placing the funnel in their mouth and letting them suck the contents down at their own pace, you provide them with a constant (or near constant) supply of high-calorie nourishment while you satisfy yourself and give them physical stimulation.
During the holiday season, it's perfect for eggnog and other treats of winter like cocoa and chocolate milk. Blended cake and cookie dough will add thickness to ice-cream based drinks, turning it into a wet paste. Also use canned cake frosting blended into ice cream, along with chopped candy bars.

Go tropical with chopped dates in a pina colada base. Use your imagination and come up with combinations that are thousands of calories per funnel load. Have a spare pitcher on hand to pour when it starts to get low.
I've always felt that the fun in funnel feeding is in providing your lover with the filling, fattening food of their dreams and for you up to make love to their entire body as they feast.


John Smith 2 years
Wow, this article is 13 years old?

Still entertaining.
Gareth 16 years
i dont see a lot of this a bout i have look over the web but i have not found much! would be nice to see a few pics of girls beeing fed this wat and mabe some videos!
16 years
I think that last model is Plumplin, isn't it?
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i like the sound of thissmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley HUGEGIRL XYXY
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I like the cutie in the red bikini n it looks like fun to I'll remember this sor my girlfriend