The sensuality of obesity

When I first discovered the fact I was attracted to very fat girls at age 12, the chances of meeting one that aroused me socially was nearly impossible. So many, when I could get up the nerve to approach them when one was rarely encountered, really hated themselves. It wasn't until many years later that I was fortunate to meet a "small" (at 400 lbs.) woman who secretly wanted to just keep gaining. For her, the thought of eating constantly and being bed-bound was akin to living the life orgasmic.

That is how I felt as the male counterpart. As I grew older, I became obsessed, as I am today, with stuffing a beautiful girl with mountains of fattening foods while tonguing her into orgasm after orgasm. And you know what? My great personal tragedy is that I am without "that right woman". And all the gals who are beautiful, over 400 lbs and wanting to reach 1,000 lbs. or more are either happily married, lesbians, or self-haters dreaming of attaining thinness which only makes them like every other socially-acceptable chick.

It goes beyond a classified ad. I learned one thing that I need to pass on to every other FA- once you find that emotional magic, that chemistry between yourself and your lover that gets you hard every time you look at her, every time you kiss her, NEVER let her go. Marry the girl and jealously guard your relationship, for chances are, you will never get a second chance and never find that special chemistry again.

I have never been able to find words to describe the incredible sensuality of having my head swallowed up in the pillowy upper arms of a super obese woman as she's kissing me, perhaps sharing a chocolate truffle between us as we are kissing. Or stuffing her with dough-nuts at dawn as I bury my face in her huge fat pussy as she eats so do I......then fixing her a massive breakfast which she eats past the point of full and into the point of unconsciousness, only to have me kiss and caress every sweet roll on her body as she moans....these are things that your slim-loving man will never know, so men like us will always remain an enigma to them.

I love to gently kiss and tongue a woman's huge, hanging belly as she sits on a couch with it hanging down in front of her, almost touching the floor. Good Lord, who needs TV or a hobby!


Applepieinth... 6 years
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