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(m4m) a spell to get revenge on the arrogant idiot at the gym

Hey I'm playing James in this rp, so if que male partner wanna make sure I get fat and loss all my muscles ...

James is a typical arrogant and cocky gym stud, with his incredible physique and handsome face he thinks he is the king of the place. He humiliates everyone he considers inferior, his favorite target is fat guys like you, he mocks them mercilessly and humiliates them in front of everyone, maybe it's time to teach him a lesson.

You are a pretty fat guy who is trying to lose weight, but James makes your hours at the gym hell, so you decide to kill two birds with one stone. A strange spell will do the job for you, what better way to get in shape than by ruining and turning the hot jock into a lard mound, transferring all your excess calories and accumulated fat to my tight body.

The time has come to make me see what it means to be fat and have everyone make fun of me and humiliate me, I gain weight without stopping while you lose weight and gain muscle without a problem, while I begin to have difficulty doing even the slightest exercise.

I want you to degrade me mercilessly, binge on purpose to make me gain even more weight, maybe at some point you will reveal what you are doing to me and force me to watch you eat knowing that all that fat will go directly to me.

Tease about how I used to look and how the tables have turned, rub your now fit body in my face and make fun of what you've done to me.

I prefer a darker rp, about ruining a jock, but really screwing him up, making him go from a muscular and fit guy, to a morbidly obese pig, from hot and handsome to a grotesque and ugly guy.

No sex or romance, no happy endings (for the jock obviously 😈).

I mean that the jock hates what he has become and never stops suffering for it.Imagine how devastated someone like him would be if he gained that much weight, always used to looking good and showing off his tight body. A jock, watching in despair as his hard muscles fade into flabby fat.

*Everything that could ruin and destroy his appearance*

I like when cocky and arrogant jock gets what he deserves, always flaunting his abs and muscles, but ending up defeated and punished by those he used to bother and humiliate and bully, or by some rival who wants to "get rid" of the competition revenge or it's just jealous of his good looks and perfect physique.

Im into... forced fed, revenge, envy, rivals, jealous, bully, blackmail, payback...

kinks: force fed, fat shaming, difficulty exercising, immobility, teasing, liquid bloating, moobs, ex athlete, body contrast, funel, loss of fitness, teasing about how he used to look and what it's been done to him.

Discord: Lohen16
Dm's open
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(m4m) a spell to get revenge on the arrogant idiot at the gym

WOW, I don't know if you still want to do this RP but I would like to do this RP with you
1 month