Feeder from austria and i am looking forward to meet new people

I am Robert from upper austria and i am looking for a feedee. I already had romanric remationship with feedees in my life so i very well know what i am doing.

I turn 30 this summer and i wanna meet a feedee to date for a possible future life of my wife becoming a full time eater while i bring in the paycheck.πŸ˜„

My biggest desire in my whole life since i was 18 years old was to fatten up cute submissive feedee to the absolute maximum. There is nothing that comes even remotely close to this wish of mine. I have fantasys about bringing my future feedee food all day and night and watch her grow on every little inch of her body. My biggest pet peeve is the belly. My past feedees had their belly expanded with my help in the time of a few weeks to sizes you can not even imagine.

This was the best time of my life so farπŸ˜‚

I want to make YOU my feedee for life. I will do everything to make you happy, not only food related stuff. If you tell me you want something , i get it for my little princess. If you think you can handle my loving -but at the same heartbeat my dominant stuffing sessions too, letme know in this thread. smiley

I love to stuff my hungry feedee by hand while she just eats. My future wife probably should love to eat, because she will do that alot for sure.

Distance is no problem, i would prefer if my wife speaks german too but im fine without it.

I have a stable job for 6 years now at a social care nursing home for disabled people with downs and stuff like that and i love my job.

I sleep the best when i lay shoulder to shoulder with my well fed wife. I would love if my future wifes belly is completely stuffed up full every night so her belly looks blown up and super fat.

If you, a feedee who loves her big belly stuffed up is reading this right now- Just send me a message or you leave a comment in this thread so we could text or call if you would prefer.

Let me be your fat admirer and let me be your feeder. I wanna massage u and make you feel needed everyday i will make your life just a lot more better than it is already is i am pretty sure.
3 days