Feedism as a form of perfectionism

I've always liked tinkering with things to try to make them better or find some improvements. There is something about knowing a thing, a system, or whatever isn't optimized that bothers me. Kind of like a missing puzzle piece - I hate leaving it incomplete.
Plenty of things can be complete, can be "perfect", but others can't.
I have a particular fascination with what I call unbounded optimization problems or the "more is better" hypothesis.
Examples: if you're into over clocking, can a CPU be too fast? You'll always try to push it faster. Can an engine be too powerful? Etc.
These things can be pushed bigger and faster and stronger to exponentially higher and higher levels of performance. But is there any level that will satisfy a true enthusiast? Of course not! We'll always want go beyond what's already been done.
As feeders and feedees, I think we get cought in this same mentality. If fat is good, then fatter must be better. This logic can go on without limits. Can a belly be too big? A meal too filling? A body too soft?
If you're trying to attain the perfect physique, then maybe that's possible depending on how you define perfection. Maybe it's meeting some golden ratio proportion. Or some ideal bodyfat percentage or weight. These things are asymptotically bounded by some limit. Once you reach that goal, you're done. But when the goal is to gain or get fatter, where does that end? When can it ever be enough? If we can't come close to reaching some limit, will we ever be satisfied? But on the other hand, we have the freedom to keep improving endlessly...
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