Chat/Role play

Looking for rp partner

Hey! I'm looking for people on here I can have a chat about our fantasies involving immobility, so the state of being too fat to even walk... makes me twitch again just thinking about it🤤

Anyways, I'd love to share my experiences I made with you with immobile men I met and lived with and I'm also keen to hear your stories or experiences you made... I have no taboos😋

Otherwise, I'm also a very invested role player ... I love taking the role of the immobile lard ball pampered by his man all day long .... I'm really into slobbiness too... I mean what is a real man if he can't blast burps for 20 seconds or rip earthshaking farts or take dumps as rocks😉

Here a sample:

It's 8 AM and we're still in bed... usually you sleep on top of me as there is no more space in bed due to my immense size... my hips hang off the bed on both size like glue dripping over... your head is resting on my large moob serving you as a cushion... as I hear my belly rumbling I statt to groan and moan and shift letting the bed creak loudly ... I can then sense an intense tremor beneath me followed by a wave of stench filling the room... I start wrapping my fat arms around your naked muscular body letting you become engulfed in my sagging arm fat and surrounded by my sweat stench from beneath my axles ... I can feel your six pack against my belly fat ..

"Babe" I start kissing you "Papa is hungry" I whisper

Are you interested?😊
1 month