Fattening others

My wife is now a feedee!

As of recently, my wife and I have been exploring feederism. Long story short, it started with me and it has taken nearly 12 years for my wife to dive in with me.
But when I say she is diving in, I mean it. She basically wants to gain 100 pounds as fast as possible and then see about gaining even more when she meets our goal.
And with this turnaround, she wants to really let it take off and do it right. She wants to film content, document her journey, and open herself to receiving support from the community!
So! This being said! The only thing that limits us right now is the amount of food that she wants to be stuffing down every day. We are pretty tight on cash right now, and we are both working to resolve that, but that doesn't stop her from wanting to almost double her bodyweight.
So! Here lies the proposition. We want to get a page started up soon that will be run my me to show off her gains and to eventually sell content to anyone willing to indulge.
But the main thing she wants is for all of you to be able to send her things to make her fatter and fatter between each post. The thought honestly excited the both of us to have anonymous strangers sending her excessive amounts of food, and I'm sure you all wouldn't mind seeing my pretty little wife (She's 4'11"smiley grow to be bigger around than she is tall.
So if anyone has any suggestions as to what the best avenues to open up her "feeding lines" are, please reply or send me a message!
Your input is greatly appreciated, and I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you all have. Consider me basically an open book!
1 month