Fattening others

My rapidly gaining girlfriend

I just discovered this site and thought it'd be perfect to share and catalogue the weight gain of my girlfriend!

For some background, my girlfriend shares this kink, she's always had fantasies about gaining weight and becoming obese but like many women never acted on them. She's always been a curvy woman, but during covid she had to stop dancing which coupled with her appetite led her to gain up to 180lbs. Around this time we started to date and more importantly explore this kink together.

She wasn't looking to gain any weight which I completely respected and still do, but not feeling the pressure to watch what she eats and especially getting to explore this kink with stuffings and encouragement led to some natural weight gain. She was aware of it and really loved it, she was pushing out of the chubby territory and into actually being fat for the first time which excited her. Eventually she weighed herself and found she was 201lbs. Seeing herself in the 200s was a shock and led to her worrying about it. She dropped back to the mid 190s but at this point she was really coming to terms with her size. I always encouraged her and assured her of how beautiful she looked and so she finally admitted to herself she wanted to get fatter.

Now here we are about a year later. My beautiful ex-dancer of a girlfriend is now sat at 220lbs. She has a little belly hang, her thighs are soft and jiggly, her boobs sit and spread either side of her belly, and her face has rounded out with a permanent double chin. She's never looked hotter.

We're currently working towards 250lbs and loving every moment. She gets to indulge and be the fat girl she always dreamed of being, and I get the most beautiful fatty of a girlfriend I could ask for!

I'll keep updating this with any exciting developments or events, and would also love to hear anyone's thoughts or questions on this
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