One last massive stuffing for the road

I'm a super sized girl who tends to gain in very rapid spurts through weeks of constant stuffing. At the beginning of May, I was in the mid-530s. After a month of stuffing, including one of my biggest ever yesterday that pushed me up 12 more pounds from food weight, the scale says 589 this morning.

The past month has been incredible, but my blood pressure is super high again. I'm also getting married in six months and have a honeymoon planned, so I can't eat my way into immobility or a bunch of health problems between now and then.

So today is a reset day. I've stretched my stomach and increased my appetite considerably, so I may still eat a LOT organically, but I'm turning back to cleaner foods.

That said, yesterday was a "last adventure" for my fiance and me. I was bloated Saturday morning from a week of gorging, so he gave me a belly rub, and I showered. As I slid in on my shower chair, I noticed how "inflated" my body felt. Where I'm used to some softness and rolls, I felt a bit as though I'd filled out like an inflatable pool toy, and my body seemed smoother somehow, likely from food and water retention. Out of the shower, I weighed in at 577, and as I dressed, I was unable to find a "going out" shirt that wasn't tight under the arms and didn't reveal belly. I do have a number of loose flowy dresses I custom-ordered, and while they fall a little differently with my recent gain, they still fit and look nice. I opted for one of those.

As I styled my hair and makeup, I fatigued a little more easily than I usually do. By the time I made it to the kitchen for the breakfast my fiance had made (which smelled amazing and had ignited my appetite), I was somewhat breathless.

Breakfast included a green kale smoothie; four focaccia buns with Swiss cheese and deli turkey; a 16 oz. container of melon slices; a twelve egg omelette with a pound of cheese, mushrooms, garlic, bell pepper; four red potatoes baked with butter; and two glasses of pineapple mango juice.

As I digested, I realized my underwear were excruciatingly tight. My fiance noted they were digging deeply into my fat. Rather than change (as all mine have the same cut), he snipped the elastic with kitchen scissors to give me some relief.

We then walked with our dog, and we both noticed how much I've slowed down the past couple of weeks. When we got back, I rested for about an hour and snacked on a cup of yogurt and some pineapple with coffee.

At lunch, we chose a local pizza place we frequent, in part because the booths are big enough to accommodate me and also because you can customize all kinds of toppings cheaply. He ordered a grilled buffalo chicken flatbread and size salad with a beer. I had a 16-inch large pizza with extra cheese, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, black olives, and a side of ranch; eight fried mozzarella sticks with marinara; eight hot honey mustard boneless rings; and two beers. As I ate, I did notice a young mom there with her family watching me, but when I caught her gaze, she smiled politely, and I returned the smile.

In the car, I had a tough time getting comfortable. It felt as if standing had allowed my engorged belly to swell up, and I had to recline my seat a bit to accommodate. As we drove home, we discussed a local buffet for dinner, and I decided I would rest until then. As I did, I noticed I was perspiring a bit, and we turned the air down to 66.

At 4, we drove to the buffet, and I found I was considerably more comfortable in the van. We considered letting me walk in unassisted, but opted to use my scooter in case I became engorged enough to have issues walking.

At the buffet, I made it through eleven plates, some of which I got for myself, others brought by my fiance. I kept an account of what I had, though admittedly only semi accurate. It was something like this:

1- Salad with grilled chicken and shrimp
2 - Shrimp fried rice and 3 egg rolls
3 - Crispy orange chicken and 2 spring rolls
4 - 8 cream cheese won-tons and mac and cheese
5 - Broccoli stir fry and fried shrimp
6 - 8 oysters and french fries
7 - 6 more oysters and 3 dinner rolls
8 - Noodles and vegetables and grilled chicken
9 - 2 spinach and cheese egg rolls and 4 cream cheese wontons
10 - Chocolate cake
11 - Fruit and ice cream

I did enjoy that as the server came to refill my sweet tea and clear plates, she giggled every time, and said twice that I was very hungry. We were both amused that when we were leaving, she said, "That's all?" We thanked her for her service and tipped her very very well.

Once home, I had to have help getting to the bathroom, and then I settled down on the sofa, falling asleep almost immediately. At 10, I decided I wanted to eat one more thing before I went to bed. I ordered one double cheeseburger and a large Dr pepper, which topped me off for the night. I ended up sleeping on the couch because moving was too difficult. I'd say I made the most out of the day!
2 weeks

One last massive stuffing for the road

Sounds like you have a good plan going. Indeed it can be intoxicating to let things go, But it’s probably for the best you try to maintain now. My wife is about 340 pounds you could probably get up to 500 as well, but we are wary of how difficult it can be to get around at that weight. All the best in maintaining!
2 weeks