Why you should choose avocados over heavy cream

It's very popular in these communities for people to use heavy cream as a gaining tool due to how affordable and dense with calories it is, but there is a downside that is not often discussed.

When it comes to energy sources, our bodies love saturated fat. It's often the preferred source of energy in the foods we eat. When we eat foods high in saturated fat (like heavy cream) alongside other foods (like carbohydrates), we will make use of the saturated fat before the glucose.

What this means is that while our bodies are busy making use of the saturated fat, it leaves the glucose in our bloodstream, which causes our blood sugar to stay elevated. This is why saturated fat (yes, even from dairy) is known to increase insulin resistance temporarily. While the effects aren't necessarily the worst in isolation, when you combine a large amount of saturated fat from something like heavy cream with everything else a person might eat on their weight gain journey in a day, it's going to lead to an overall trend of increased insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar, a direct route to diabetes for many.

While I do believe it can be used safely, it can be easy to misuse (especially if you're having it at night before your body has processed the glucose in your body from previous meals).

Avocados on the other hand, contain unsaturated fats and won't inhibit your insulin response in the same way. This also works with all other foods that contain unsaturated fats. While it's still probably not the healthiest thing to eat an obscene amount of avocados in a day, it's less damaging to insulin sensitivity.
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